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2.11 π.μ. and after a one of my favorites “run forest run” day, that wasn’t a proper 24/7 but a project on its own, two things came suddenly across my mind. The other day a friend of mine said that if we could observe Earth from an extremely high position, not from a balloon, higher, not from a plane, even higher, from a space craft, the surface of Earth scrimps because of the distance and looks like a giant raw natural pattern. Ok, that’s the most stylish geographical description I have ever heard. On the same time, I was thinking that every day when I wake up in the morning I beg for some extra minutes of sleep. That’s not for rest. It’s for dreaming on. There is something with the dreams that make them magical to me.  The particular arbitrary capacity to provoke at a hypothetical time and place the coexistence of people from the past, of locations, countries and neighborhoods that you visited once or maybe never before, of images that exist only in your mind  sprinkled with lots of doses of a crazy scenario.  Therefore when, 1st thought + 2nd thought = new thought! This evening, at the heart of Athens, I saw that new “thought” standing in front of me on shelves, dolls, hangers and boxes. Patterns of an everyday urban craziness coexisted in a divided clothing collage that continuously promoted its incredibly strong personality. I have just counted more than 50 photos in my Iphone. I chose those that were not busy and visualized the taste from my today’s press preview touch of the Versace for H&M collection. Well, goodnight.

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