I am interested in the detective’s job description. And this time I acted like one. I parked my car at the parking and walking down Voulis St. in weather conditions of tolerable cold (14o C -check on my weather widget) I see on my left hand a big total white door. I get in. My phone behaves for once more as an eyewitness of my initiation at a vintage corner of the city. When I am just a few km away from my home and the atmosphere changes in a provocative way making me feel that I stand at my beloved places around the world where I feel, breath and live , I am happy. It’s so simple like that. No, it has nothing to do with events, it’s all about a cool style action. Cupcakes + soups + amazing lighting + lots of stairs + neoclassical building + dressing rooms + daylight + sideburns + oversized square heels + eyeliner + too many familiar smells= Vintage Monthly. An environment of unhampered style operates almost like a psychotherapy session against anything that causes neurosis. At the stomach or elsewhere. I will go back again.

On the shelves of time design makes the difference.

I love the headpieces. Only details are capable to strengthen the personal style.

Time without space feels naked. It “steals” moments of decorating magic just to be dressed.

Fills in with action.

Gets inspired by the less evident.

Blends old and new to invent expression.

It’s taste is more sweetrockpersistentspicyinquisitiveautonomous!

  • Natalia

    Πού ακριβώς είναι αυτός ο χώρος? τον αγάπησα!

  • andris

    θέλω κι εγώ βόλτα εκεί!!! κανείς δεν με πάει :(