broken doll

 Film concept, production & styling/ Annousa MelaDirector/ Vassilis Michail.

  • Total looks by Christina Strafti AW2012 for Creativewear Collection. Ankle boots by Dries Van Noten. Collar by H&M.

Time has little importance to me. But here, it’s not the same. The indicators acquire the status of a clock that captures the style nature. Like a proper acrobat the clothes balance somewhere between the decades before getting their intimate forms. The studio takes another dimension. The floor becomes a video canvas. The black that I always have in my closet and I love so much is now mixed the colors that I also want to have at almost all of my looks. The stylistic exercise is safe enough if I show respect to the rules. So here is how the story goes. I want my heroine to be simple and fashion forward at the same time. I want the clothes to be classic and not afraid to be creative simultaneously. And that’s what I do. I “borrow”  the black to talk about the light green, the floral, the tartan, the bordeaux. I remain severe at the trunk of the body to be able to try ruffles, maxi and medium length at the bottom. The temper is sophisticated. The lack of accessories apparent. In normal life – and not in the life of my 49 seconds style shot- the heroine is a woman of the city that has a kind of nostalgic mood and hides a naive sensuality. Identify yourself with any of the three different looks you want.

My advice

1. I play with the obvious, but in another way. I choose as a necklace a faux pearl collar to upgrade in a creative way my look.

2. I always prefer a black top as it creates an delicate “peaceful” place between my face and the rest of the outfit.

3. I will always love the contrast of a feminine skirt with a pair of strict, dynamic and masculine ankle boots.

Me and Sumin, when the “Broken Doll” was even an idea, before it acquires its final film “shape”…




The I.D of the protagonist

The protagonist of my style shot, Sumin Jeon, is laconic and expressive. Travels around the world as a genuine nomad of fashion but her base is at South Korea. She adores Thai food, she rejects all colors voting only for the white as the perfect style choice and describes her all day style as modern & classic. And not only that, but she would like ideally to be photographed, posing, walking and be filmed with this kind of style. Just a few hours after our video shooting she flies to London. Her favorite editorial photography is the one for Vogue Korea and her favorite cover for Vogue Italy. She hates to be late and also other people to be late at their appointments. Finally, if she could change something at the everyday style of women she would remove the excess color off their outfits and also the excess styling of accessories!

closet insider

For me the seasons in the stratosphere of fashion have a creative and not practical value.

They are the perfect occasion for a new start of projects, fabrics, styles, accessories, combinations and trends that somehow already reside in my closet. Today, after a quick reorganization of my hangers, drawers and boxes, I came face to face with the puzzle of the clothes that I adore and are always at the forefront of every possible outfit. Winter or summer, autumn or spring does not matter. What season is according to your mind counts. The style game is always interesting, spontaneous and unexpected with “materials” that have a specific date of birth and participate in the long lasting indefinitely daily casting of my looks. How not to show you my favorites? The camera becomes a keyhole, and you have access to what I love and I hide behind the wooden doors of my wardrobe.

The masculine jacket with 70s design (Urban outfitters), the all white blazer (Zara), the romantic vintage dress (Porto Bello market), the transparent shirt (H & M), the oversized cardigan with stripes (Tokyo Shibuya), the Lanvin T-shirt with satin vole and the silk tops – bat … this is my beloved style expression bought from on line sales … Missoni. As for the patterns I will show you only four. The geometric, the ethnic, the floral and the preppy! All four in mini dresses.

7 items and a party look







The idea: Invited to a party I have to respond quickly to its fashion inquirements without a look that “shouts” with an annoying way “hey, I am an evening look”. I “move in” some street pieces to the glam party section of my closet and I mix my beloved fabrics (cotton + chiffon).

The reference: A look that if it was a dessert would be avocado with honey. Simple and luxurious.

The materials: Nothing new.

The recipe: Always inspired by the moment I have nothing premeditated. I base the look on my basic philosophy …nothing seems nice if you do not feel good while you wear it and I follow my instincts. Of course, I open both leaves of the closet plus two drawers and two boxes full of accessories.

The how- to: I choose my lace bra in a color that reflects my mood at the specific day and time. I have this same design in five colors. Instead of the classic Tshirt I choose a second hand tank from my university era at London. Longtime ago. I already count 7 years ago. I wear my ballet style skirt- thank god I bought it black since the beige one was sold out because the black creates a color contrast between its dark ID and the delicate fabric- and my opak tights. Since the skirt is a bit longer than I want (reached in the middle of the knees ) I veer it once at my waist and fasten it with a skinny black satin ribbon. I deal with the low temperature with a college sweater without a hood in a vintage grey color and complete the look with a goth necklace of five silver crosses. Finally, the balance of opposite items is covered with a leather bike jacket which is “covered” with my naughty sleek haistyle. I recommend this style unreservedly. Especially with the bordeaux suede sandas of 13 points heels.

The advice: Do not ever hesitate for any reason to do a stylish upgrade to your beloved a.m outfit with a jewel. You will not regret it ever.

The credits: Jacket & sandals Zara. Sweater, bra & skirt Η&Μ. Necklace Myhumbleworkshop Handmade Jewellery. Tights Calzedonia. Bag Furla London.

all for one


Film concept, production & styling/ Annousa Mela.  Director/ Vassilis Michail.

  • 70’s vintage shirt by personal collection. Leather shorts, necklace and glasses by H&M. Skirt by Forever 21. Jumper by tourist shop of Greek Art, Πλάκα, Athens. Dress by Zara.

I love fashion not for what it makes me look but for what it makes me feel.

The true figure is the invisible.

This is exactly what happened to me when I decided to dress Marianna – the model-with a look that rests firmly back but at the same time looks ahead. Ultimately it is not so difficult. You can treat everything old as new again. It is called “imagination” and you just have to activate it. Moreover, the closet works in two ways. As a museum and a laboratory. If you are asking me, I like both. The first because it has value. The second because each day it transfers vigilance to my fitting process. The outfit as a means of expression communicates certain messages. Still, I am the one that holds the joystick of their frequency, quality and content.

The shirt is my mum’s. When I got it, almost in a extortionate way, I did not know what to do with it. I had no plan and I hadn’t organize anything specific. I am talking about the moments when everything around you is operated automatically powered by a strange aura and suddenly you (X) feel a strong attraction towards the X1 without necessarily knowing why. Well, after being burried at the constricting crowded hangers of my closet for four years., the time has come. The vintage dynamics of the shirt took precedence over all my new items and I just fell in love in an even more passionate way with its distinctive pattern, its unexplained large buttons, its accented shoulders that do not disturb or provoke, its extremely soft fabric, its durability through time-25 years …

I owed a “thank you” for its patience laying at my closet and its excellent co-habitation with my rebel bike jackets and coats. It is clear that this time I didn’t want to intervene at the outfit of the upper parts of the silhouette. Only from the waist down, just to show you that at the end of the day the coolest fashion items have no expiry date. They carry the style of the era when they were born, as at this case… the decade of hippies drenched in romance and can become powerful “tools” in my hands but at yours too. You just have to use it. Now, I am going to narrate these thoughts with my new video so you can choose the style story that you would wear!

P.S I just wanted to admit that I love the third look!


All that can be inspiration is firstly a picture. Not something specific. More a sense of something than a suggestion. The undetermined blue of the sky that I already have as a colorful vintage bag but not as a pair of pumps. For now at least. And it is not only the color but the movement that in a strange way “fits” into it. Cool moments that never repeat themselves. The rule of the timeline is inviolable. Strict. The idea is to move only fast forward. Not rewind. My glance looks at the sky that seemed to me as a rock outfit, like a wide white tee slightly torn and fine. My eyes look at the earth which hides treasures. My own treasures. With a pointed nose, snobbish heels, round shapes, studs that I love, with erratic movement, untamed behavior. And then the glance looks at the confectioners. Sweets, very sweet. As these dresses that I met after and add pictures of American prom nights on hangers of imaginative aesthetics. A sweet experimentation is diffusible in the city. All four clicks made ​​my mood. This important.

Palaio Faliro, 14.15.

Maroussi, 14.25. Effie thank you for the cool clicks on your foot relay (TOPSHOP pumps- EXE boots). Like a spontanious comment, your daily routine laughed at the camera of my mobile phone.

Sygrou Avenue.10.15

H&M. 19.35.

If times had their own closet, the trends would change every second. I once again chose the path of rotations. See my favorite alternations of the past Sunday, Monday and Tuesday …

street princess

Film concept, production and styling/ Annousa Mela. Director/ Vassilis Michail.

  • Outfits by FW 2012 Christina Strafti for Creativewear Collection. Pumps by Uterque. Hat by vintage market.

I never liked to copy paste styles and stylings while I love the feeling of the uncontrolled rise of adrenaline when I generate new ideas. The joy nonnegotiable. That’s because the word create is my favorite. To create I have to be inspired.  By everywhere, anywhere, anything, anyone. For me style is a script totally in love with the basic structure of a film. I wear a  Χ look, I’m at a point Χ2 and I feel X3.  Ι think of what does that feel. Then, I edit it surgically. I manage its intensity. I increase its volume. It fill it with pictures. I write the dialogue. In this film,  the dialogue is hapenning frame by frame. The music covers everything and hence the syllables and the focus shifts to form. I give to the female figure roles. Harmonically arbitrary roles that become alive through her clothes. Small quantities of fabric that change the final image. And this is so. I organize the outfits driven by the dynamics of a dandy. I supplant the protocol. The urban environment flirts with inconsequential coordinated movements that remain charming. The black, for once more, majestic. The lace acts against its role. Instead of standing on a nice wooden floor, it “walks on” on the cement and the cold asphalt. The details at the waist, the shoulders and the fingers, are the added elegant value to my urban princess. Like I imagined her, I dreamt her and I see her everyday. Liberated and ready to clash with the shackles of fashion and reject the clichés of it. My style clip psychedelic. Intractable for my standards  and passionately elegant as I watch it over and over after it’s totally edited, it gives enough space on forms. The exact space that they need to dress the selected surfaces on the body. Eccentric as I stand it. Long time ago I deleted the expression “you should” from my vocabulary. Specific as necessary.

A fitting moment with Christina in front of a clump of cosmetics.
An incredible light illuminates the clothes in the studio.
I choose my favorite magic element that releases the energy of all the looks. The hat.
Outside shooting I captivate with the camera imprints of fashion. Shades are the best.
There is no style without them.
Relay for materials and experiments at a creative self-expression moment on the road.
The notes for my heroine …
Simple, modest and sweet, Christina Kydonidi adores fuchsia, wants to travel to the most mysterious neighborhoods of Singapore and loves the undefined smell of a patisserie. When she thinks of …fashion the catwalk comes to her mind. She loves the intriguing work of Stella McCartney and she reveals that her most extreme backstage experience at a photo shooting was when the make up artist coated her whole face with an overdose of baby oil. (Ok, that sounds extremely crazy to me as well!!!!!). Her signature shoes are her beloved pair of black ankle boots. She hates women- wherever that happens- that have a snob attitude and she likes to make exhaustive walks with friends at Samos and Ikaria. She tells me that her favorite food is the delicious one and seconds before the first “go” at the shooting she says .. ” For me fashion is magical … but any outfit without the right perfume is kind of  insufficient on its own!”