7 items and a party look







The idea: Invited to a party I have to respond quickly to its fashion inquirements without a look that “shouts” with an annoying way “hey, I am an evening look”. I “move in” some street pieces to the glam party section of my closet and I mix my beloved fabrics (cotton + chiffon).

The reference: A look that if it was a dessert would be avocado with honey. Simple and luxurious.

The materials: Nothing new.

The recipe: Always inspired by the moment I have nothing premeditated. I base the look on my basic philosophy …nothing seems nice if you do not feel good while you wear it and I follow my instincts. Of course, I open both leaves of the closet plus two drawers and two boxes full of accessories.

The how- to: I choose my lace bra in a color that reflects my mood at the specific day and time. I have this same design in five colors. Instead of the classic Tshirt I choose a second hand tank from my university era at London. Longtime ago. I already count 7 years ago. I wear my ballet style skirt- thank god I bought it black since the beige one was sold out because the black creates a color contrast between its dark ID and the delicate fabric- and my opak tights. Since the skirt is a bit longer than I want (reached in the middle of the knees ) I veer it once at my waist and fasten it with a skinny black satin ribbon. I deal with the low temperature with a college sweater without a hood in a vintage grey color and complete the look with a goth necklace of five silver crosses. Finally, the balance of opposite items is covered with a leather bike jacket which is “covered” with my naughty sleek haistyle. I recommend this style unreservedly. Especially with the bordeaux suede sandas of 13 points heels.

The advice: Do not ever hesitate for any reason to do a stylish upgrade to your beloved a.m outfit with a jewel. You will not regret it ever.

The credits: Jacket & sandals Zara. Sweater, bra & skirt Η&Μ. Necklace Myhumbleworkshop Handmade Jewellery. Tights Calzedonia. Bag Furla London.

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