Film concept, production & styling/ Annousa Mela. Director/ Vassilis Michail.

Total looks by mystyleforecast.com Creativewear collection. Sandals by Jean Paul Gaultier for Melissa.

Today, it’s all about SILENCE and many thoughts that I desperately want to put in action. Carrier of inspirations, trends, experiences and desires, our body dictates its outfit without considering the combination of conflicting elements of style. What I love to fashion is that it is the epitome of FREEDOM. Every day, with my outfit, I have a totally new story to stage exactly the way I want without knowing how many will be in my audience. The exposure is huge. The challenge is huge. I adore vintage garments because they are “carrying” silently exciting lifetime stories. Like this one, a story of MELANCHOLIC SEQUINS that add the necessary glamour to an obvious according to the rest of the items look. The top, a PONCHO STYLE sleeveless piece that barely touches the waist, is the core of the outfit. Three skirts, mistresses of the eternal black, vary with their special and delicate details the final result of the dark lolita that I want to create. TRY IT.

my little secrets

  • Oppositions become protagonist (for one more time) in this film. Never be afraid to say “yes” to an overused cotton white top combined with a majestic top of POWERFUL SEQUINS.
  • I avoid tights even when I feel cold.
  • I love my theatrical interference at model’s hair. All the pins I had in my beauty case I put them on the head of Nina.

Take a sneak peek backstage. Below, me and Nina Onoyko in electric action.




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