black poetry

Film concept, production & styling/ Annousa Mela. Director/ Vassilis Michail.

Outfits by Christina Strafti FW 2012 Collection. Sandals by Charlotte Olympia. Socks by Topshop.

When words seem and sometimes are unnecessary, pictures, in my case moving images, take control. Ok, to be completely honest and accurate I love the black but not always. I love it because it illuminates in a mysterious dark way the silhouette. I hate it too because it is way too easy to manage. The idea, no I lied, the first thought for this film was to be inspired by some words that were stacked several years ago in my mind. In one of my trips in the world (travel = breathe, I don’t know how to live differentely), more specifically in Thailand in 2006, a native, in his attempt to convince me to buy without second thoughts a bronze necklace, recruited all his creativity in a phrase SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT. For what I already have, for all that I will have, for all I ever wanted, for all those that I will want to. Really? Oh yes. The outfits that I decided to put in my protagonist SU Min “function” exactly that way. The model on stage with me behind the camera are trying to record different readings of the same BLACK STYLE STORY. I would like you to taste the concept of this film as it lies in the diversity of the forms, the independence of the design, the charming insidious power of textures. The realm of style is hidden at the DETAILS. That’s where my favorite fashion mission is described by four words …STAND OUT OF THE CROWD.

my little secrets
I emphasize to the “shoe project” that complements my dark appearance investing in strategic styling moves that release a creative energy (sandals + socks, pattern + pattern) while I persistently refuse to wear a total black outfit with opaque black tights.