Episode 26# 4 dresses 4 Alice

Film concept, production & styling/ Annousa Mela.
/ Vangelis Tolias & Giannis Pallis

All dresses by mystyleforecast.con Creativewear collection. Sneakers by Diesel. Belts by H&M. Necklace and rings, Accessorize. Handmade bracelets by mystyleforecast.com Creative accessories.

There is no way not to be inspired by anything that has left its imprint in the database of my imagination. That’s exactly what happened here. Anything dreamy that constantly chase me is “cohabiting” with anything cool that I really love in a film that narrates you the story of romance in the city. Here’s my Alice in Wonderland and her name is Alina Preiss! When the urban landscape receives massive “attacks” of carefree girlish mood the result can only be special and dynamic. And, since there are many things that I want to tell you I just decided to create my quick Friday list with  all the “should”, “maybe”, “hmmmm”, “I’ll think about”, “I want it now” (how I love it! ), with “super” and many more that come with my styling process.

See, share, get inspired and write your own …

1. Pink color becomes cooler when is worn with contradictory style accessories.

2. All the mid-length creations add femininity to any look and confirm your fashion knowledge.

3. I am not afraid, nor will ever fear a neon chic element in my looks.

4. The sneakers highlight dresses as a pair of pumps highlight a baggy jean.

5. The “naively” unkempt hairstyle is a basic requirement of a completely fresh attitude.

6. Try shimmering balm on your lips and wear perfume that matches 100% with the style you choose every day.

7. I used to have second thoughts for the “overdose” of rings. Now I love it. If you want to put only one, it’s fine. Once again you have a neo-punk element in your appearance.

These are my after midnight notes of my new style episode. Stay tuned because the storytelling goes on … Ok, it’s been over 3.15, time to got to bed!


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