Color Beach Party@Chania_the editorial

I know it’s funny but let me tell you that in the past photography caused me a kind of embarrassment! Then I decided to get to know each other. To fall in love, daily and passionately. And so it happened. I love “clicking” for the irresistible charm, the silent narrative, the imposing presence, the unconscious smile, the hidden stories, the immortality of the “now”. I love it for the magical ability to keep time still, stable and in a way “alive”.

The blogging tour of, and Sephora on board started in April the most colorful photo chronicle. And continues the most colorful adventure of fashion and beauty with Make Up For Ever snaps giving you style tips that you can count on them for ever. Enjoy a unique and totally different digital walk at Chania with waterproof eye pencil lines at the dreamy shade of blue sea, blush tones of orange, apricot, mango and peach, lipsticks with the delicious “taste” of watermelon and sweet melon, tons of mascara, make-up that “caress” the skin, ribbons who brazenly embellish hair, shorts, wrists and sandals and nail polishes plucked from the most pop palette.

The clicks are ours, the scroll down process yours …

I just want to tell you that everything was amazing!