super-style-heroes #don’t stop creating

Always loved the superheroes. It is magical to do whatever you imagine. It is unlikely that there are no limits to your  thoughts and to your moves. The same goes with the style. Every outfit can be a super hero suit. You can be whoever you want wherever you are. You can have forces that you imagine, a fascinating new aura. Without censorship and leaving rampant the treasure of the human mind, the imagination, the stories that I make, that YOU make, are only mine, only YOURS. And together,  every day we knock off new scripts of this silent code with fabrics, smiles, crayons, colors and a lot a lot of heart and soul.

Behold, the post vacation mystyleforecast environment that “walks” hand in hand with the beloved and so “summerous” white. Everything is so simple. How you see it, can change the universe! Three looks from my favorite digital closet introduce themselves just before the “sanctification”of this year’s fashion and beauty school.

Stand out of the crowd



  • Georgia Souvatzi

    Soooo arty apotelesma! Xereis poso kairo perimena na xtupisei auto to koudouni? Epitelous!!