Episode 27# free style (!)

There are times-and it happens often-you do not need to say much. Silence is gold. The same happens with style when “silence” highlights individual items in a structured way. You already know that I love the contrasts. I’ve already told you that you can “built” the styling and make up with those and you love it. This time I’ll write about energy trends. About outfits with a special aura. About full of energy trends. About total looks that stand out from the crowd. Just click for a moment and I ll get back to you in 1 minute and five seconds.

Film concept/production/styling: Annousa Mela.
Director/Editing: Vassilis Michail

All clothes by mystyleforecast.com vintage collection. Cardigan H&M. Black tie Tie Rack. Cross My Humble Workshop.

After this video episode I can reveal myself and my closet. Sooooo…fashion has rules. Those that you want to. And they challenge a chaotic harmony. Ok, feel free to build and knock down all the style “materials” that carry strong references and make the outfit your narrative. After all this all for. A story. Hear it. Live it. Tell it.

Directing instructions for style F/W12-13

  •     High socks undertake the dynamic role that they had two years ago. I’ve already “invested” in this comeback. Procure those not covering the knee.
  •     Booties tone down, a.k.a heels that flirt with western / moulin rouge references emitting sharp elegance.
  •     Something that you will adore this year is the mid-length dress. The mid length in generally. The calves are “ashamed.” The buttocks too and so more sophisticated trends are coming up!
  •     Fur garments and classic furs specify the nostalgia for the old glam and add retro elements to your street style.
  •     The crosses make most of the landmark design of the new season. You want one anyway.
  •     Beautywise, cheekbones have priority. Multiply good karma with a pink creamy blush and black mascara without any eyeshadow on the eye lid.
  •     Male style concerns are satisfied with a basically rock direction (ultra fit shirt, skinny pants, severe brogues) with comme il faut elements, a.k.a cardigans.
  •     The stripes are on. Great, but pay attention to their form.
  •     Skinny ties combine black tie and hipster look at the same time.

And because you always want a “behind the action” look…this sneak peek collage is specially for you.

Love your outfits, get inspired,  be yourself and say your story in your own… styling!

Honesty avoids stylistic mistakes.



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  • Katerina R.

    Ωραίο video!
    Και οι σημειώσεις καταγράφηκαν…
    Οι ψηλές κάλτσες, με δυσκολεύουν…Μόνο μέσα από μπότες, έχω καταφέρει να τις φορέσω! Δύσκολα δε μου “χτυπάν” άσχημα…
    Γούνινες λεπτομέρειες, αγαπημένες!!
    Μίντι φορέματα, δεν έχω δοκιμάσει, αλλά ήρθε η ώρα…Επιτέλους, κάτι διαφορετικό!
    Για να δούμε…..*