B.B.L (bat_black_life)

Design: Maria Sinanoglou

It could easily be the title of a thriller.
But I don’t watch thrillers. I’m too scared because, afterwards, I reproduce unintentionally the plot in the form of dreams in my sleep!
However, I love them too much because of their vintage tension. Because of the suspense and the adrenaline that I feel even only listening the title of the movie.
This is exactly how I feel about what I am going to talk to you about.
Excitement. The feelings are too strong.
This color is popular and kind of taboo at the same time.
It is interwoven with joy and sorrow at the same time.
It is the base of the collections of almost every designer.
Talking about black is magical and strange at the same time.
Charming dark thoughts sprinkled with lots of creativity. And it’s not only that.
It’ s the responsibility of its proper use that is a priority.
This time I was not scared.  I faced my black fears straight in the eyes.
The evidence of my make up story are those beauty snaps.
I remember that it was morning when, for the first time, at the press presentation of the new black professionals collection by Korres I was sitting in another position than the usual and it was wonderful. I suddenly faced with the iconic looks of my muse, Kate Moss looks, in a one to one game with the black Korres eye pencil/ make up fetish. The script was specific. The directorial instructions clear. Look up. Look down. Look even more “down”. Under the gaze and the touches of make up director Giannis Siskos the attitude of the face changes.

The popular smoky eyes look becomes party smoky. The classic black is accessorized black. The final black chic look is a Korres fabulous blacks look! Delicious, charming, stable, simply perfect.

* Use all products of the new black make up collection in a smart “sultry eyes” way.
* Scribble with a Q tip the black eye pencil slightly fading the color.
* “Fill” with this black pencil the eye contour internally.
* Wear the long lasting volume mascara with gently side moves.
* Give a “stand out of the crowd” dimension at the final look with a star sticker on one of the cheekbones.

Bat good luck!



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