muse board #1

Design: Maria Sinanoglou

Fashion is a code of communication, an expression, a language, but above all, fashion is fun.
And this “fun” and has its own face.
The face  of a model who, although only 20 years old, sets the smile as the top priority for charm and styling.
Don’t forget that the most compelling looks are not limited to the specific square meters of the catwalks but they are out there, on  the streets of most stylish cities of the world.
Her inventiveness creates a street styling incredibly friendly to the “non-fashionistas” environment.
Her spontaneous reactions on camera constitute a new generation of ambassadors of style with real faces and imperfections that give a charming boost to their femininity.
Her photogeny and her easy going poses make her the role model of the campaigns of legendary fashion houses. Chanel, Blumarine, Dsquared.
Cara Delevigne rocks because of her untamed British physique and impresses with her disarming truth.
We love her for her :

  •     denim looks
  •     bomber jackets
  •     meshed up hair
  •     permanent smile
  •     intense eyebrows – OMG (?!) they have their own twitter account as @ caras_brows with 1,213 loyal followers
  •     eyeliner mania
  •     jockey hats and …
  •     red lipsticks.

Beloved muse of Burberry fashion house and the creative elite of magazines such as Rush, I-D and LOVE, Cara makes the rules for the new legacy of “the girl next door” models.
Observe her successive transformations and steal something from her fashion energy to create an original style based on yourself.

A photo from the I-D editorial
It is no coincidence that, after all, originality is the only way to stand out from the crowd.