Photographer/Vangelis Tolias

Welcome to MSF,
my name is ANNOUSA MELA.
I communicate through fashion. I always make with my hair an abstract messy updo. I usually make noise with my overdose of bangles. I am in love with the power of digital films and 100% passionate about them after my MA in Art and Media Practice in London.
CLOSET GAMES are my guilty pleasure. My fetish. My obsession.
I cannot even imagine myself without combining my clothes for hours-especially after dark and mostly after midnight-before deciding the next day’s final look.
I can easily forget to eat, even to sleep but I never/ never/ never  forget to have my “private creative moment of style” with my closet’s treasures.
Since I am an “senior” addict of the mix & match fashion concept, I decided to “mix and match” fashion and film to explore with custom style scripts on camera all those creative moments.
MSF is a personal web storytelling -a STYLE FILM BLOG – recording the style flow around the world.
A creative platform visualizing thoughts, looks, conceptual drafts, personal experiences, new style obsessions, “fears”, questions, spontaneous pics, shooting experiments, observations on garments, DIY accessories, unknown talents and an endless outfit gaming.
Being active and passionate fashion and beauty director in the publishing industry for the last 11 years I started this blog as my style film cronicle.
Grafittis, fashion clips, performances, windows, catwalks, street snaps, markets around the world, traveling, art installations, exhibitions, real people style and blogging inspire me for even more and more and more experimentation with style.
Every single beloved piece and all together compose at the same time the most popular and the most beloved “code” of the world, style.
ENJOY and don’t forget that STYLE is an adventurous DAILY MISSION!

  • vicky

    to blog sou einai nomizw ayto pou ektimisa perissotero apo ola ta ellinika blog!bravo sou,sigxaritiria gia ti kali douleia pou kaneis!
    checkare kai to diko mou blog kai tha xarw na ta leme!

  • Harroula

    Well Done Annousa!!!! 100% U….

  • Αννα Ορεστιαδα