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Τα σημεία στίξης είναι αγαπημένο φετίχ.
Μικρά, διακριτικά, για κάποιους αόρατα, για όλους πολύτιμα.
Το αλάτι της σύνταξης που δίνει στο λόγο νόημα και στο κείμενο, έκφραση.

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Στο λογισμικό του στυλ εγγράφονται διάφορες ιστορίες.

Εκείνες που εμπνέεουν.

Εκείνες που εμπνέονται.

Απίστευτα, όσα λησμονείς. Συναρπαστικά, όσα κρατάς και θυμάσαι.

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Ο κόσμος ποζάρει στον φακό και το βλέμμα με δύο τρόπους. 
Με filters.
Ινσταγρκραμικά και μη.

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The art of tasting style_part 2#1st fashion dinner project

After the oxblood red soup and the hunter green salad, the stylish narration of flavors and scents from the first My style forecast Fashion Dinner continues with projects that fully justify the persistence of my creative eye for what fits within the word “food” and everything what fits the word “style”. It is not enough to think, you have to feel. It is not enough merely to see, you have to get closer. It is not enough to talk, to meet is magical. A group of 12 unique guests, a wonderful restaurant that stands out from the crowd in the city center and a creative jewellery team continue to enjoy style and taste around a table with lots of style but above all love.

Design: Maria Sinanoglou

3rd dish / Main course_White and Black spaghetti with porcini mushrooms garnished with black sesame seeds
The inspiration_The baroque mood of catwalks with delicate details, the gold embroideries, the urban chic lace, the religious illustrations, the ladylike shapes, the temperate mix of color and gothic lookw. More specifically, the inspiration can be found at the shows of Versace, Oscar De La Renta, Erdem, Mary Katrantzou, Dolce & Gabbana, Stella McCartney, Gucci, Etro, Alexander McQueen.

Design: Maria Sinanoglou

4th dish / Desert_Mille feuilles with bitter chocolate mousse and strawberries
The inspiration_ The powerful iron lady black focuses on the sophisticated side of the black combined with gold, on the tones of bitter chocolate, on the vision of vintage LBD and the classic charm of urban environment. More specifically, the inspiration can be found at the shows of Marc Jacobs , Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford Valentino, Roberto Cavalli, Moschino, Altuzarra.

Ok, after a trully magnificent “fashion dinner” night, I just wanna tell you to dare, to find new aspects in ebery style or real life story, to try, to mix, to create.
By definition, this is a marvelous process.
One step closer to living well.

Thank you for the interactive enthusiasm and for all these imaginative little things that are  hiding in the most obvious places.

Simply continue to stand out from the crowd.



Fashion Food Culture#1

Design:Maria Sinanoglou, Muffin: Starbucks Christmas Cranberry&Orange

I love fashion avidly. I mean literally. I see it and I seek it everywhere.

In my hands, all looks seem like potential “materials” to make recipes. New recipes. Simple recipes. Possible recipes. I try strange, special, sweet, sweet&sour, salty, delicious, indifferent, democratic, diverse tastes. And guess what, I like them all.  In the “kitchen” of  style everything is allowed and, this time, I begin to make the menu from the beginning.

Each week, a new creation.

Each recipe, a new moodboard.

Every taste, a new trend.

Our new meeting place is the F.F.C

A digital kitchen where ideas “cook” pictures of everyday style.

Simple as that. The style has a taste and all flavors have style.

This is exactly what I am trying to talk to about using this fluffy cranberry muffin inspired by the minimalist show of London and the “aggressive” Christmas street trends of Paris. The vivid color accents of red and burgundy change their “intensity” depending on how sweet the result has to be while the shades of nutmeg, brown sugar and vanilla invade in the wardrobe to create a convenient basis with coats, skirts and XL jumpers.

December outfits want flour, baking powder, baking soda, whole milk, butter and salt combined with plenty of comfortable lines, loose fabrics, details on collars, sexy cuts, emphasis on the design and monochrome geek chic jackets.

Beat all “ingredients” together in the mixer and stand out from the crowd “deliciously.”

As for the full recipe … learn how to make irresistible muffins with an urban burgundy look here.

Good luck