colleague Maria spotted in vintage at the office




  • Vintage coat by . Shirt by Primark. Multi Row Metal Necklace by Topshop. Ethnic necklace by Topshop. Vintage leather bag Primark. Gold studded slippers by Topshop. Skinny jeans by Urban Outfitters. Vintage rings by personal collection.

It’s always a good suprise to mix creativity, vintage treasures and office looks! That’s a really good example that made my office day beautiful and fashionable. Not too loud, not even too provocative…this outfit has the right dose of in fashion materials to make a daywear statement. Take some notes!

making of my sock-ing list

This morning, I just woke up with the idea to use my multicolor vintage pair of socks- socks are my new winter fetish, my fashion feedback from my trip in Tokyo, two years ago and the camera. I left the studio with a video that combines japanese harajuku girls style to a smart urban outfit.  This is me in style action! Coming soon.

breakfast, cupcakes & rock

  •  Vintage sunglasses by Georgina Mitropoulos Vintage Clothing. Iphone case Marc by Marc jacobs. Carrot cupcake by Hamptons Cupcakes.

I insist on rock accesssories. Apart from my fave skull scarf (I bought it from TOPMAN 6 years ago) that I mostly use to my daily outfits I love rock decoration. Even if it comes of  a Halloween mood.


  1. I never have seconds thoughts on sophisticated classic sunglasses. Love the design. Love the “easy to combine” color.
  2. Their only disadvantage is that they are heavyweight!

new kids on the block 10th AXDW

Sunday noon. 15.39. After a mini marathon for the parking arrangement I arrive quite late at my destination. Ethniki Asfalistiki Building Sygrou Avenue Athens. It’s the second day of the AXDW and I choose to watch the fashion shows of the twelve new designers. A few seconds after the beginning of the first show I decide to narrate the particular fashion story using only the zoom of my Iphone camera. I confront the action spontaniously like a collage of quick glances over the garments trying to “fit” the dεscription of each designer’s style in a sentence. The game begins.




 Sense of freedom with sensitive textiles that give in to the ingenuous movement.

Nektarios Elias Mertios

Navy overdose with a few preppy details for an extra hint of feminity.

Lila Nova

Vintage dialogue between the 60s style forms and the futuristic interferences.

Odysseas Papadogiorgakis


 Delightful movement of minimal pret a porter lines.

Tammy’s Archive

A stylish mix of floral patterns, pin up mood and rock sensuousness.

Nadia Rapti& Teknio Kerasioti

Mix & match attitude with materials such as denims, maxi skirts and bohemian necklaces.

E.L.R by Irene Lytra

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Prissy texture that balances between the delicate flowers and the knots.

Sisi Aretaki

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Let’s party.

Nassos Ntotsikas

Emphasis to the discreet details.

Zina Glou

Strong taste of innocence from films such as “American beauty” and ” Alice in wonderland” in a mostly red visual environment.


Cool & casual looks in a 100% feminine version.

Konstantinos Mitrovgenis

Severe black & white and a cared creative construction in an outfits relay race that deconstructs the garments.