MSF style frames@Paris Fashion Week

Yet, in my case, when I back up my photos/notes/ videos is not always a successful process…

Favourite files are lost in the darkness of my i mac’s update until they decide to “show up” again.


Enthusiasm for the looks of last fashion week in Paris at the magical catwalk stages of my three beloved designers… Akris, Issey Miyake, Jean Paul Gaultier. Coolness meets the theatrical extravaganza, minimal lines “cohabit” with geometric harmony and the post fashion week taste is absolutely familiar … “built with the most creative way your everyday style.” After all that, I join the new f/w 12-13 season with an incredible mood for “exploration” of new stylistic paths of strictly straight line trousers, pointy pumps with maximum 8 points heels, blazers, cozy coats, gloves, hats and XL sweaters. As you assume, my wardrobe is ready to confront all stylish challenges.

p.s My fashion week looks always include biker gloves, see through shirts, sandals with high socks and vintage accessories!

Look 1. H&M jacket. Topshop jeans. Dries Van Noten sandals.

Look 2. MSF Vintage Collection vintage fur coat. Urban Outfitters shirt. H&M leather skirt. Zara sandals. Porto Bello market leather gloves, London.

Look 3. MSF Vintage Collection sequined mini dress. H&M letaher jacket. Harajuku market socks, Tokyo. Dries Van Noten sandals.

From Paris with love


dress the doll #1

Concept/styling: Annousa Mela_Art Director: Maria Sinanoglou

I don’t like dollhouses. But I adore dolls and their closets. Oh, yes I was one of those girls who dressed and undress their dolls for hours on repeat – I have to mention the beloved Barbie or the Bibi Bo in the vintage version of this same story, enjoying the “construction” of their countless looks with tiny clothes/tiny accessories/tiny slippers that sometimes were mostly an abstact puzzle, I would not say so wearable. The years passed and you know very well that some habits “follow” you for the rest of your life. Anxiolytic, creative till you drop and completely freed of sizes, numbers, body types, hairstyles, movements and trends this “dress-undress” game is my kind of playstation with my thundergirl and her favorites. All the things I love, use, wear and experiment with are here. And now, in a totally home seek outfit -a cool updo+ tshirt + shorts+ flip flops-I can’t wait to tell you the most exciting style stories always with my customized blog cartoon. All white. This its first style adventure. This was a trend/taboo to me and I just decided to try it this year. And that’s exactly what I did! Xxxxx

Cool jockey hat, Nike. Earrings Fiorissimo, Folli Follie. Bohemian cotton bra Brassiere, Intimissimi. Skirt, Fullah Sugah. Pointy pumps, Stuart Weitzman. Bag, Calvin Klein. Blush Brush Japonesque.

closet insider

For me the seasons in the stratosphere of fashion have a creative and not practical value.

They are the perfect occasion for a new start of projects, fabrics, styles, accessories, combinations and trends that somehow already reside in my closet. Today, after a quick reorganization of my hangers, drawers and boxes, I came face to face with the puzzle of the clothes that I adore and are always at the forefront of every possible outfit. Winter or summer, autumn or spring does not matter. What season is according to your mind counts. The style game is always interesting, spontaneous and unexpected with “materials” that have a specific date of birth and participate in the long lasting indefinitely daily casting of my looks. How not to show you my favorites? The camera becomes a keyhole, and you have access to what I love and I hide behind the wooden doors of my wardrobe.

The masculine jacket with 70s design (Urban outfitters), the all white blazer (Zara), the romantic vintage dress (Porto Bello market), the transparent shirt (H & M), the oversized cardigan with stripes (Tokyo Shibuya), the Lanvin T-shirt with satin vole and the silk tops – bat … this is my beloved style expression bought from on line sales … Missoni. As for the patterns I will show you only four. The geometric, the ethnic, the floral and the preppy! All four in mini dresses.

the bag and the starry T-shirt

  • Vintage bαg by Alexanderplatz charity shop, Berlin. Tshirt by Topman. Skinny jeans by Topshop. Ankle boots by Dries Van Noten. Belt by H&M.

This is the way it is. I first create the look into my mind. I keep thinking of it late at night. I wake up the next morning. And always something has changed. If I like something in fashion is its structure. It’s all about a vivid puzzle that constantly communicates new messages. Today I rediscovered a tshirt and a bag. Just two of those items that I squeeze at the dark invisible corners of my closet. A day before, I realized that if I compared my wardrobe with a football team, the last two weeks, I was playing with the same line-up while I have hundreds of “players” sitting at the “bench”. The finding horrible. Related to those strange periods when I recycle with my imagination already tested style scenarios. As if I refuse to work to find new ones. So what I decided to do now.

The first one sat on a shelf in the male departement, at a height that I could get it, at a forbidden size (XL), with availability only in this particular item. I bought it having in mind the idea to use a ¨ Honey I shrunk the kids ” technique at the washing machine. The attempt succeeded. The second one, lost among other vintage treasures twenty years old or more… at a second hand shop in Berlin, impressed me with the quality of its leather, the moderate profile of its shape and its all time classic design. Its price was the cause for a celebratory YES to buy it right away. 20 euros.

How much I enjoyed that I pulled them out of the darkness of my drawyers…

Some thoughts …

  1. Just a vintage piece at a time. More ,would be a risk of being classified as an “antique” style person.
  2. I love the stylistic cocktail of sophisticated “materials” like “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” style and some “aromatics” like Camden’s market attitude.
  3. The black is the chameleon of accessories. Perfect partner with all patterns. Wherever and whenever you put it will never disappoint you.

undercover mission

  •  Skirt by Topshop. Leggings by H&M. Ankle boots by Uterque.

Really, grey makes my day. I think that this is an issue that I have to discuss seriously with a special psychologist with a PhD related to fashion issues…No, this does not  happen permanently but only at times. Usually it takes two or three days and it has to do with the total of my clothing property. So, yesterday, at my established meeting in front of my wardrobe about the next day’s outfit I found the stylish solution I was looking for when I saw my opaque grey cotton leggings. Ok, in the past I have written hundreds of texts about the cool effect of a winter outfit without leggings. Also, I feel fashion “respect” for all the British, French, etc. fashionistas that even with temperature of zero degrees outside they express their loyalty to the style belief of walking down the street with no hint of fabric on their legs. On the other hand, inspired by this season catwalks and driven by my will for a really hot (hot=warm) look I decided to decline the concept socks+ankle boots and work on the project leggings+ankle boots. This particular grey tone, 100% democratic and friendly with the rest of the items in my closet, is the perfect background for my skullhead pattern skirt, my favorite acquisition from my trip to Singapore


My relationship with pink cannot be described with words. Honestly. It is the 12% of my wardrobe, the 3% of my accessories and the 30% of my make up ( compact and creamy blushes increase the pink “population” of my beauty case). Although, this season something changed. I decided, because I spontaneously felt that way, that I can express myself though pastels. Not because suddenly the equation  pink+pink= the definition of female was verified but because it worked as a counterweight to all the rock elements that apparently prevail on my hangers. According to the sensitive version of the dressing authority of contrasts pink as a smooth, sweet and bright wildcards gets for the first time attention next to the black leather jacket, the black woolen jumper and the black opaque leggings. But also next to the black knitted top and the black ankle boots. What about a total pink look? Not even in my wildest dreams. Finally, my relationship with pink can be described with pictures.

  • Leather jacket by Zara. Vintage pendant by Urban Outfitters, London. Sweater by H&M. Vintage dress by Georgina Mitropoulos Vintage Clothing. Opaque leggings by Kyoto Market, Japan.


  •  Scarf by Accessorize. Top by Monastiraki Market. Tshirt by American Vintage. Skinny pants by H&M. Socks by Vanessa Bruno. Ankle boots by Zara.

…pastry making pastel colors pulled out of a watercolor creation, tiny truffles in any shape you can ever dream of and numerous smarties in proper girlie tones do not stop sprinkling my imagination about pink inspired outfits.