dress up your lips

Filming/Editing: Vasilios Michail
Τις ντουλάπες τις αγαπούσα από μικρή.
Μεγαλειώδες αρχηγείο γένους θηλυκού ιδανικό για καταχόνιασμα παιχνιδιών.
Ο δικός μου ορισμός μου. Read more >>>
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mixologist #2

Concept/styling: Annousa Mela_Art Director: Maria Sinanoglou

Ok, style is code. It reveals everything, it precedes everything. And all I want to express apart from my closet, my mind, my notes, my mirror, my beauty case, my room, my heart, I want to show in this way, here and now. In a little bit abstract but always passionate way. Moreover, I love collages since I was a little kid. They have a styling process in their own way. They make everything seem a simple game. And this is exactly what it is. The direction is not one but many. OMG, I just thought of that. Imagine a compass of fashion. A compass of beauty. Helping you to find the orientation of the original expression. This is the basic principle of style. Authenticity. And I want to talk to you about the “guardian angels” of it. Heels are everything to me, but I prefer their creative aspect. The patterns intervene in the monochromatic choices and the sequins acquire a coolest than glam outfit role. To all the above add some exotic patterns, eyeshadows pulled out from Warhol creations, exciting juicy lip glosses, cold flavors, ethereal figures, flashy scenes and details that stand out from the crowd. See it all together and individually at the same time. That’s what I do to choose the “materials” of my style recipe. Same same but different. And if you like as on your fridge, to put on your closet magnets with images that you love because they inspire every single second, let me show you mine first. Did you saw the All Star? Did you notice … the Ray Ban Wayfarer with the vintage green lens, the cool Accessorize handbag, the vintage friendly H & M visor (yes, the cap, I mean ..), the super chic casual bun and the 2 minutes Pantene Pro v Intensive Restructuring Mask.This is how much time it needs to quench the thirst,  to protect and to revive the shine of my hair before or after the beach wherever I am, wherever I go. Roughly, this is how much time I need you too to add at all the above and to “narrate” to you my favorite vintage treasures … pop red earrings +  ab fab patterned top + absolutely feminine sunglasses + “sensitive” scarf+ clutch bag with the coolest hidden chain = L.F.E.  All by mystyleforecast.com Creativewear Summer Collection. Let me just play for a while with them- when the f of fashion stands for fun, I’m happy- , check your fave piece and I am waiting for you at the same position in 21 seconds …I have a special surprise for you!

Concept/styling: Annousa Mela_Directors/Editing: Vangelis Tolias & Vassilis Michail

mystyleforecast collage + mystyleforecast clip = Contest!

Check the same post at the mystyleforecast.com fb edition and leave your comment in a fun way filling in the phrase My favorite hairstyle is…and I wear it with.. and win 1 of 5 Intensive Restructuring 2 minutes Pantene Pro-V masks with one of my 5 favorite vintage “secrets”! If you are a twitter addict you can also participate at the contest with a tweet that mentions @mystyleforecast and also the hashtag #vintagelovesPanteneProV. Don’t you ever and for any reason forget that the most irresistibly cool hairstyles are healthy-looking and must be combined only with irresistibly cool looks! The draw will take place electronically. When? In 4 days. So on July 11 late at night I will know and early in the morning of Thursday July 12 I will tell and write you the 5 names that will enrich their fashion & beauty world.

P.S. This post is equivalent to my first on line vacation… I HAVE A REALLY GREAT TIME WITH YOU! xxxxxxxxxx

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Style up artist for a day!

Fairy tales always have a “they lived happily ever after” end. I really love this kind of stories but I never stopped wondering what happens before that all time classic ending. Everyday style is continuously looking for “supporters” and finally teams up with make up. It’s just incredible being able to tell a story with films and colors. That’s exactly what I did with my mini script, with my own Alice in “Urbanland”. The urban searches need urban “operations” like those with brown/gray eyeshadows, powders that diffuse glow and brightness, juicy lip glosses, magical brushes, tools that focus on detail, make-up that leaves you with the feeling that something precious, dreamy, indefinable unique is touching you for a while! What I’m trying to tell you is to treat makeup like a proper styling process, not in the closet but on your face using fave images, original inspirations and true feelings. And believe me, what you will make and “wear”, has its own language.  A special language that communicates with looks and actions, and glances and spontaneous aura, that precedes any word. See what I love and what I “paint” with it in order to stand out from the crowd without shouting loudly. I truly appreciate that, in style and in life generally.A gray veil on my nails. Dark as I want to, neutral enough to be combined with the majority of my closet.Some finishing touches to the arc of my/ her upper lid assure a magic look that cannot necessarily be explained but quietly stands out of the crowd.Yes, that’s the truth. The brushes make a difference and I love my “Bobbies”(Brown)…This nude powder exceeds my expectations. I love it for adding charm without being “loud”. Yes, I gently use my Dior Nude Glow Sun Powder Summer Collection 2012 mostly at the cheekbones.The most cool+funky pot of Mac “dresses” the lips and the eyelids, sharing generously its shiny dew with the final look.The easy to use lash curler. You cannot even imagine how much is changing the volume of the eyelashes. As for the palette of my friend and actress Alina is my beloved Chanel Les 4 Ombres.

Obsessed with hair clips. Not just now, it feels like it’s been for ever! That’s why I decided to give to my favorite H & M bow his own 15 minutes of publicity.Ok, the wings are not only for the angels but for mascaras as well. Those made my/her lashes to “fly”. OMG, The Falsies Flared, Maybelline New York rocks.Proud of my creation…And its name is Frozen Chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!This is how all the “materials” beauty coexist on the same face, on the same hand, in the same mind. Get inspired anything and “sprinkle” it with some touches of “yourself” to create something originally beautiful. Click on the film of my own Alice to be persuaded of that!xxxxxxxx. A.Last but not least a sneak peek of the up coming…style up look. Thumbs up girls!

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Episode 26# 4 dresses 4 Alice

Film concept, production & styling/ Annousa Mela.
/ Vangelis Tolias & Giannis Pallis

All dresses by mystyleforecast.con Creativewear collection. Sneakers by Diesel. Belts by H&M. Necklace and rings, Accessorize. Handmade bracelets by mystyleforecast.com Creative accessories.

There is no way not to be inspired by anything that has left its imprint in the database of my imagination. That’s exactly what happened here. Anything dreamy that constantly chase me is “cohabiting” with anything cool that I really love in a film that narrates you the story of romance in the city. Here’s my Alice in Wonderland and her name is Alina Preiss! When the urban landscape receives massive “attacks” of carefree girlish mood the result can only be special and dynamic. And, since there are many things that I want to tell you I just decided to create my quick Friday list with  all the “should”, “maybe”, “hmmmm”, “I’ll think about”, “I want it now” (how I love it! ), with “super” and many more that come with my styling process.

See, share, get inspired and write your own …

1. Pink color becomes cooler when is worn with contradictory style accessories.

2. All the mid-length creations add femininity to any look and confirm your fashion knowledge.

3. I am not afraid, nor will ever fear a neon chic element in my looks.

4. The sneakers highlight dresses as a pair of pumps highlight a baggy jean.

5. The “naively” unkempt hairstyle is a basic requirement of a completely fresh attitude.

6. Try shimmering balm on your lips and wear perfume that matches 100% with the style you choose every day.

7. I used to have second thoughts for the “overdose” of rings. Now I love it. If you want to put only one, it’s fine. Once again you have a neo-punk element in your appearance.

These are my after midnight notes of my new style episode. Stay tuned because the storytelling goes on … Ok, it’s been over 3.15, time to got to bed!


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Επεισόδιο 25# cool oldies

Film concept, production & styling/ Annousa Mela.
Director/ Vassilis Michail
Looks and accessories by mystyleforecast.com Vintage Creativewear

Κι όμως, θα κρατήσω την αφήγησή μου απλή για να σου δείξω θησαυρούς που λατρεύω και looks που σέβομαι για την “υποχθόνια” comme il faut δυναμική τους. Θα ακουστεί περίεργο αλλά έτσι το νιώθω. Τα ρούχα είναι σαν μια σχέση. Μοναδική σχέση. Θέλουν φροντίδα, πείσμα, πάθος, πάθος, πάθος-βάζω πάντα πολύ από αυτό- αφοσίωση, φαντασία, παρανοική δημιουργικότητα, αγάπη. Αμήχανα ρομαντικό; Δεν νομίζω. Μάλλον βαθιά συναισθηματικό θα το ονομάτιζα. Κάπως έτσι, λοιπόν, ένα ύφασμα που κάποτε έπεσε στα χέρια μου τυχαία ή επί τούτου, για μένα το ίδιο κάνει, γίνεται στην πορεία “συνειρμός” προσωπικών στιγμών, μάρτυρας της ζωής μου και κατά αντιστοιχία και της ζωή σου. Σαν ένα ανεμπόδιστο εικαστικό σύμβολο με το οποίο συγκατοικώ από τώρα για πάντα. Όσα κομμάτια έρχονται από το παρελθόν “σπέρνουν” την ιστορία τους σε νέες δράσεις και όποιο σώμα τα φορά τους προσδίδει νέο ύφος και στυλ. Σήμερα θα σου μιλήσω για τα αγαπημένα μου μίντι. Αυτά που ακροβατούν ανάμεσα στο δημιουργικά προκλητικό και το απροσδιόριστα κλασικό. Το ύπουλα συντηριτικό και την γραμμή με άποψη. Αυτά που δεν είναι αυτόφωτα αλλά ετερόφωτα περιμένωντας στωικά την κατάλληλη σκηνοθετική οδηγία για να δώσουν τον καλύτερο εαυτό τους πάνω στο stage της μόδας. Αυτό ακριβώς είπα στην πρωταγωνίστριά μου, Nina Onoyko, που με μόνα της αξεσουάρ τα γάντια και τον ευθαρσώς ατημέλητο κότσο της, αφομοίωσε στην κίνησή της το urban cool βίτσιο μου με μυρωδιά 70s. Αγαπάω τα πάττερν που σαν wallpaper της μόδας “ντύνουν” πανέμορφα κάθε σκέψη, ματιά, ανησυχία, όνειρο και όραμά μου. Αγάπα τα και εσύ γιατί είναι ένα ακόμα πολύτιμο όπλο σου για να ξεχωρίσεις από το πλήθος. Τα άλλα δύο ξέρεις που θα τα βρεις, στο χαμόγελο και στην αυτοπεποίθηση σου. Χωρίς αυτά, στυλ δεν υπάρχει. Στο λέω. Enjoy!

Τα μυστικά μου..!

  • Δεν υποτιμώ ποτέ τον πολύτιμο ρόλο της λεπτής ζώνης που αλλάζει την ισορροπία στο τελικό look μου.
  • Για μένα το στυλ εξ ορισμού κρύβεται στις αντιθέσεις. Τα αξεσουάρ πρέπει να ακολουθούν τον αντίθετο δρόμο του ρούχου σαν σχόλιο στην αφήγηση των υφασμάτων. Εδώ φόρεσα τα δερμάτινα κόκκινα γάντια μου.
  • Τα πάττερν δείχνουν στυλιστική σοφία. Δεν τα φοβάμαι. Θα σε πάρω από το χέρι για να σου πω και εσένα πως να τα εκμεταλλευτείς. Φόρεσέ τα σε ένα item με την μορφή φορέματος και ψηλά (τουλάχιστον 8 πόντους) τακούνια. Χωρίς κόπο κάνουν την bonus style διαφορά.

Πριν κλείσω άλλο ένα mystyleforecast επεισόδιο μοιράζομαι μερικά backstage snaps με πολύ γέλιο και αστείρευτο πειραματισμό πάνω στο ρούχο μαζί με την Nina στο shooting στο Μεταξουργείο.



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color party

Film concept, production & styling/ Annousa Mela
Directors/ Vangelis Tolias & John Pallis
All looks and accessories by mystyleforecast.com Vintage Creativewear.

Do you love color? YES, I love it.
And well it’s not to difficult to manage to mix it with your clothes? NO, because I’m not afraid of it. Just what you are afraid of, incommodes you.
And if the final look is eccentric? There is no eccentric result in fashion. The only thing you need is balance between the one that selects an items and its selection.
And if I want but ..? It’s simple as that. Organize your feelings into pictures. Manage your thoughts and enjoy their projection at your mirror. And anyway you are not alone in that case.
This dialogue has the same characteristic with the infinite. It’s endless. By itself, an indefinite one-act play with me on and off stage in a multi-role of interpretation, approach and clapping.
Ok, it’s clear. I AM GOING TO TALK ABOUT COLOR. So as I spread it in the city. Through special vintage clothes, smart accessories and pigments. Yes, from those pigments that nourish my disposal for fun childish things and my insatiable creative wanderings.
Alina wears everything that I love for its shape and design and I just want to paint. Inspired by the joyful “colorful” aura of my protagonist I coordinate my universe with it. The intractable female orange top, and the yellow nostalgic shirt and the floral pattern that is expressed through a cool masculine creation, and the sunnies, and the watch, and the lipstick and the eyeshadows and many other “tools” that were there but you cannot see them.
They are pieces that are always in my closet- “satchel like the markers that fill with color the black & white “contours” of every day.
As the game is much more fun when playing with friends I team up with beautydiaries.gr and I get my markers by Sephora inviting/challenging you to claim your own colorful dimension at a unique inte blogging event on Saturday, April 7.
The first FASHION & BEAUTY CREATIVE PARK is true and there is no better celebration than organizing the first “inter-blogging” COLOR PARTY. Every 24 hours we will reveal a 100% new information about its many, unique and extremely cool themes and surprises. I assure you this is definitely something you want to experience by yourself. Let your own online answer to the simple question WHAT COLOR YOU THINK YOU COULD WILL NEVER WEAR and I promise you that we will prove you exactly the opposite. Mystyleforecast.com will be there. Beautydiaries.gr will be there. Sephora will be there. YOU? Choose in time your LIKE + COMMENT strategy to ensure your participation in the SECRET PARTY LIST of the 14 fashion & beauty party animals and STAND OUT OF THE CROWD.

My protagonist
Live free. Be Happy. This is the motto of Alina Preiss who makes the laughing, “profession” and the positive energy, the IT “accessory” of the new season. She says that her favorite color is yellow, bright and “smiling” of course, her fave celeb style, the British cool looks of Alexa Chung and her favorite model, Antonia Wesseloh for the Prada campaign SS12. For her looks, she is inspired exclusively from her walks on the streets watching the original fashion expressions of different personalities. She is studying history at the University of Munich and as a proper history student who loves anything that has a past, she has a wardrobe full of vintage clothing. When I am asking her to reveal me her style fetish, she starts talking with enthusiasm about a cool pair of Harley black boots she bought for $10 in Istanbul while she is dreaming to live in New York city.

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