ANAMESA_3 Years Partytime

Το πρώτο post του 2018 ξεκινά με το ωραιότερο feeling της χρονιάς που πέρασε και το πιο συναρπαστικό coming soon αυτής που μόλις ξεκίνησε. Το ANAMESA concept store έγινε #StyleGoesLive και αυτό #ElevenStepsToHappiness και γιόρτασε τρία υπέροχα χρόνια. Read more >>>

Say…Happy One Year Birthday!#^*

When its my birthday, I am happy. Very happy. When I am happy, I am celebrating. When I celebrate, I organize parties with my friends. Well, the idea is colorful, rock and very simple! is one year old and invites all of you to the 1st digital gifts party ever. A pop up yellow&black surprises corner is on and the palette of the blog’s symbol, a.k.a thunder, is “spreading ” in the closet, the vanity case, everywhere. The yellow & black gifts “marathon” begins today and lasts for one month!

Each week has a new fashion surprise. Every week satisfies a new beauty desire.

Concept: Annousa Mela/ Designer: Maria Sinanoglou.

The count down begins with a sophisticated, minimal and totally chic bag “couple” whichI love for its powerful design and, of course, its color superiority. My favorite bag from K Vintage collection of Folli Follie and the funky chic wallet with the iconic design Heart4Heart of Folli Follie “organize” exclusively for two lucky readers the styling activity for all the upcoming winter looks.

Start to mark gradually the blogging birthday gift list and wish that you  just had a facebook, twitter or pinterest account! If you have not evensigned up, maybe it’s time to think about it very seriously?!

p.s Proud for my digital heart made with my HTC One X!

Stay tuned and stand out of the crowd.