SUMMER portraits

 IMG_8494 (1)
Η πόλη έχει ακατέργαστη ομορφιά και περίσσια αυτοπεποίθηση.

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URBAN summer, my love

20160604_184156 Μια φορά κι έναν καιρό ήταν μια παραλία.Δροσερή, ρέμπελη, διάφανη, ζεστή. Η δική μου παραλία. Read more >>>

Mr. & Mrs. Out of The Box

There are some stories that do not begin long long time ago, but a few years ago. There are some people that are not just creative but truly charismatic. There are some things that simply are not just nice but magical. Well, it wasn’t the first time but the second one. Invited to the “House of Korres” @ Oinofyta, a factory of advanced aesthetics with urban humor and insanely cool perspective reflected in walls, floors and lighting,  Ι start my access all areas walk between brilliant ideas, products, glances, auras, simple design, dreams, technology, extractions, heartbeats, expressions, collaborations, compositions, people and passion. A simple idea, the branding of the heating rakomelo of the grandfather, leads to a gigantic international trend, a.k.a Korres natural products. Two units, Lena and George make an exciting team that starts its journey from Naxos to Athens. In Athens, this exciting team “cooperates” with four of her ” best friends”…imagination, vision, knowledge and technology. It acquires strength, confidence and style and travels to London, New York, Melbourne, Tokyo, Shanghai … It’s a lot of cities around the world that you can easily add here. Just think of it. With firm faith the unique domino of beauty  arrives everywhere and shares generously Greek sun to everybody. And believe me I do not exaggerate at all. The pulse is always pervasive. Today, even stronger than ever. If it was music it would be an indie pop song. If it was style, it would be rock. If it was ice cream, it would definitely be a strawberry sorbet. And if, feeling, simply joy. Put your smooth yogurt sunscreen, some of the beloved jasmine lip balm and the almond and calendula hand cream to the fingers and the palms to beautifully scroll down the post.

My comments embellish the photos as spontaneous drawings. My pictures are the pieces of a creative puzzle of happiness. It is unlikely to see the same differently, anyway. It is necessary to be inspired. It is magical to choose a “sky is the limit” way of life. And just remember. Never comes something good just to put a full stop to your dreams but to set up the next action. If you wonder how it happens the recipe fits in one word…passion. The blogging stage is yours. Enjoy. xxxxxxxx.A.