dress up your lips

Filming/Editing: Vasilios Michail
Τις ντουλάπες τις αγαπούσα από μικρή.
Μεγαλειώδες αρχηγείο γένους θηλυκού ιδανικό για καταχόνιασμα παιχνιδιών.
Ο δικός μου ορισμός μου. Read more >>>
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color party

Film concept, production & styling/ Annousa Mela
Directors/ Vangelis Tolias & John Pallis
All looks and accessories by mystyleforecast.com Vintage Creativewear.

Do you love color? YES, I love it.
And well it’s not to difficult to manage to mix it with your clothes? NO, because I’m not afraid of it. Just what you are afraid of, incommodes you.
And if the final look is eccentric? There is no eccentric result in fashion. The only thing you need is balance between the one that selects an items and its selection.
And if I want but ..? It’s simple as that. Organize your feelings into pictures. Manage your thoughts and enjoy their projection at your mirror. And anyway you are not alone in that case.
This dialogue has the same characteristic with the infinite. It’s endless. By itself, an indefinite one-act play with me on and off stage in a multi-role of interpretation, approach and clapping.
Ok, it’s clear. I AM GOING TO TALK ABOUT COLOR. So as I spread it in the city. Through special vintage clothes, smart accessories and pigments. Yes, from those pigments that nourish my disposal for fun childish things and my insatiable creative wanderings.
Alina wears everything that I love for its shape and design and I just want to paint. Inspired by the joyful “colorful” aura of my protagonist I coordinate my universe with it. The intractable female orange top, and the yellow nostalgic shirt and the floral pattern that is expressed through a cool masculine creation, and the sunnies, and the watch, and the lipstick and the eyeshadows and many other “tools” that were there but you cannot see them.
They are pieces that are always in my closet- “satchel like the markers that fill with color the black & white “contours” of every day.
As the game is much more fun when playing with friends I team up with beautydiaries.gr and I get my markers by Sephora inviting/challenging you to claim your own colorful dimension at a unique inte blogging event on Saturday, April 7.
The first FASHION & BEAUTY CREATIVE PARK is true and there is no better celebration than organizing the first “inter-blogging” COLOR PARTY. Every 24 hours we will reveal a 100% new information about its many, unique and extremely cool themes and surprises. I assure you this is definitely something you want to experience by yourself. Let your own online answer to the simple question WHAT COLOR YOU THINK YOU COULD WILL NEVER WEAR and I promise you that we will prove you exactly the opposite. Mystyleforecast.com will be there. Beautydiaries.gr will be there. Sephora will be there. YOU? Choose in time your LIKE + COMMENT strategy to ensure your participation in the SECRET PARTY LIST of the 14 fashion & beauty party animals and STAND OUT OF THE CROWD.

My protagonist
Live free. Be Happy. This is the motto of Alina Preiss who makes the laughing, “profession” and the positive energy, the IT “accessory” of the new season. She says that her favorite color is yellow, bright and “smiling” of course, her fave celeb style, the British cool looks of Alexa Chung and her favorite model, Antonia Wesseloh for the Prada campaign SS12. For her looks, she is inspired exclusively from her walks on the streets watching the original fashion expressions of different personalities. She is studying history at the University of Munich and as a proper history student who loves anything that has a past, she has a wardrobe full of vintage clothing. When I am asking her to reveal me her style fetish, she starts talking with enthusiasm about a cool pair of Harley black boots she bought for $10 in Istanbul while she is dreaming to live in New York city.

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