Instastyle: Στον μικρόκοσμο του mobile photoshooting.

Η μόδα έχει την τάση να ανακυκλώνεται και εμείς την τάση να φανταζόμαστε πώς θα ήταν να μπολιάζαμε το “τώρα” μας με άλλες εποχές, με ενδυματολογικά flashback που δημιουργούν φωτογραφικό σεξαπίλ και κάνουν το τελικό outfit, όχι εικόνα αλλά αφήγηση.

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Raise your STYLE

IMG_7456 z2

Το Paris Fashion Week κάνει wrap up εδώ και μερικές ώρες αφήνοντας στους δρόμους της πόλης του Φωτός εικόνες παγκόσμιας πολυφωνίας και βλέμματα γεμάτα από πολύχρωμο μέλλον.Το Holi Festival σκορπά χρώμα και μουσικές στους δρόμους της πολύβουης Ινδίας για τον πανηγυρικό ερχομό της Άνοιξης και την νίκη του καλού ενάντια στο κακό-ο Pharrell Williams ως global fashion icon έδωσε το πιο funky παρόν- ενώνοντας κουλτούρες και ματιές.

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time machine_80’s

Είναι ότι πιο cool δημιούργησε η παγκόσμια μόδα.
Συστάσεις δεν χρειάζονται.
Respect στην πληθωρική ματιά τους, την αντοχή τους και την χειμερινή επανεμφάνισή τους. Read more >>>

mixologist #1

This is not about styling. It’s all about restyling the whole wardrobe. Just like that everything is new again. Write down a few of my tricks.

Generally, I do not love lists. On the other hand, the collages absolutely yeah! That’s because they help me to do lists in a more pleasant way. Today I wanted to definitely fit my thoughts in one image. And I did it. I put everything I think, want, love, seek, and use to a head that seems that it will explode because of all that information. Yes this is my head. And because a picture is stronger than a thousand words I won’t say much (strange!). I’ll just name the elements of the style that came with the most bizarre and at the same time creative month of my life, May!

1. Totally coordinated with my next post and mini bridal project I love the white pumps with high but restless heels.

2. I “insist” on doing my fave sloppy bun on top of my head. The secret is to do a ponytail and wander it around itself many times.

3. I love the grey ab fab tops. I wear them as is or, alternatively, baggy tank top from inside. If you ask me where to find it I will tell you to cut off your cool and basic ZARA or H&M grey top.

4. The vintage style sunglasses are now more hot than ever. Nostalgic style as required to sprinkle my everyday style.

5. I “graft” with spikes my favorite jeans Levi’s shirt. I love the restyling and you know it. It was about its time to go to the next fashion level.

6. I love the black background contrast in summer. I just added to the summer collection of the blog a white denim shorts. I will wear it with a black long sleeve transparent shirt.

7. The spikes are the DNA of my accessories. See the ring that fits my 24/7 style. I got it four years ago from a London market.

8. I cannot live without vitamins, but lately and not even without sugar. Bananas and chocolate consist my breakfast for the last  2 days  on a slice of multigrain breads. I do the necessary “styling” to my refrigerator too.

9. The pleats are the”quiet force” of my closet. I wear them in an intense color and afterwards I let the manicure to follow the same color direction.

All those style tricks together or separately are a way to stand out of the crowd.  Try them too and reinvent your closet!

P.S. Many thanks for the perfect collage the art director and illustrator Maria Sinanoglou.