Pre-SUMMER challenge


ChicWithATwist Gif by Galaxy A @ ANAMESA Concept spot #Shopping #Workshopping

Καμιά φορά όλα αυτά που συμβαίνουν γύρω σου μπορούν να γίνουν και ενίοτε είναι ήδη εξωπραγματικά.

Γεγονότα που σε ξεπερνούν, πολύ, πολύ,  συναισθήματα που σε δοκιμάζουν, αρκετά, αποφάσεις που χρειάζεται να παρθούν, συνεχώς,  άνθρωποι που πρέπει να συνδυαστούν, εύκολο και δύσκολο μαζί, ματιές και λόγια που πρέπει να “ντυθούν”, οπωσδήποτε. Read more >>>

time machine_80’s

Είναι ότι πιο cool δημιούργησε η παγκόσμια μόδα.
Συστάσεις δεν χρειάζονται.
Respect στην πληθωρική ματιά τους, την αντοχή τους και την χειμερινή επανεμφάνισή τους. Read more >>>


I have an issue with the jackets. Apart from my eternal love for bracelets and my new love with rings, I adore its design and I pronounce them the “my precious” item of my wardrobe. Therefore, I integrate each one of them into the beloved but still incredibly hot summer background. With short sleeves, yellow color, tiny waist, accented shoulders and an audacious cut at the neckline this Topshop jacket captured by my HTC One X is my new obsession and the obsession “roommate” doll. This is definitely its day. xxxx

city chase

 Film concept, production & styling/ Annousa Mela. Director/ Vassilis Michail.

Handmade necklace Myhumbleworkshop for Total looks Creativewear collection. Scandals Schutz.

Nothing can be compared to the cold air that crosses the face. It’s the original feeling of absolute freedom. My script for this film goes like this… When I desperately want to press a “pause” of few seconds to the crazy speedometer of my thoughts I simply decide to walk in a spontaneous, fast, stable, rhythmic and dynamic way. Without any commitment about the final destination and mostly without stress. My direction is constantly changing and the urban maze demands always new tours. The city has a cool freezy look with hundreds of different appearances. At each corner. In each square. Everywhere. This democratic diversity it’s impossible to leave me indifferent. I am inspired and I want to “wear” it but in my own terms. First, I have a fixed component. A vintage high waisted Levi’s jeans shorts with a shirt. Ok, I just created the main concept of the outfit. I will now choose the additional materials. I put satin and velvet in my fashion blender for a total look that leaves a strong taste of creativity without using anything extravagant. The only daring decision concerns the tights. When I am not totally in that funky pattern mood, I just go for the easy solution of an opaque black. Come on, walk with me and I make sure you get an impressive style gift for that. Don’t forget to read more of this post.

my little secret
I replace my usual jackets with vintage blazers that reach below the hips and I add to my outfit my favorite necklace. This “quietly dynamic” jewel makes its own strong statement mixing in a magical way the delicate plastic transparency with aggressive metallic details. Do you want it as well at the “headquarters” of your style decisions? Keep reading. I already named it Transparent Dream.

my protagonist
Megan Black is a girl who loves the blues, but prefers to wear black. Based in New York the 22 year old model is studying biology and adores animals. I knew it  immediately when her communication with the cat in the studio became something more than a common “dialogue” between a man and a cat. When I ask her where does she wants to work as a model she answers in Bangkok. But before I could even make a note she continues “Yet, Kenya, is the dream place I want to live”. She definitely prefers the ritual of a photo shooting than the noisy action of a fashion show, she is fascinated by the velvet ( she really loved the vintage black blazer that I gave her for the second scene of the style film) and she admits that the most popular piece in her wardrobe is a poncho.

and…a gift!
One of the main reasons I love fashion is because it can be dative.
Since your relationship with accessories, like mine, is certainly passionate and moreover demanding, wants to give you the opportunity to get a creativewear loot from the film City Chase. Leave a comment below this post and enter to the draw that will be held next Thursday, February 9 (12 midnight). Friday, February 10, will be announced in another post the 3 will lucky fashionistas that will incorporate officially in their 24 hour style my fave Transparent Dream necklace.
If you want a successful double participation, you can just have it. Manipulate correctly and in time your accessories- obsessed strategy, that is what I would do in your position, using Facebook to leave a comment on strictly personal style. I’m wearing the necklace Transparent Dream with a dynamically “quiet” grey top, you? I am waiting your personal style info.

And if you want to know what happens next, back and around the camera just take a look … Me, Megan and my favorite Transparent Dream necklace at backstage action inside and outside the studio!