chic with a twist #VideoTutorial

Filming/Editing: Vasilios Michail_Make Up/Hair: Pantelis Toutountzis

Το ξυπνητήρι το βάζω συνήθως στις 7.27 , για να “παίξω” μαζί του το snooze game περίπου 20 λεπτά και, εν τέλει, να σηκωθώ οκτώ παρά πέντε. Και αυτό, με μία εμφανή πλην όμως χαριτωμένη δυσκολία. Read more >>>

ELECTRO_style/ Skirts Love

Το μήκος της έχει αγαπηθεί. Έχει προβληματίσει. Έχει διχάσει. Έχει εμπνεύσει. Έχει αλλάξει.

Έξι γράμματα, πολλαπλάσιες αυτών ιστορίες, μία δική μου stylish_during_pregnancy “απόπειρα”, πολλά κεφάλαια στυλάτης φροντίδας και μία επαγγελματικών προδιαγραφών συσκευή μετά #ElectroluxInspirationRange, η αφήγηση ξεκινά.

Η “ραχοκοκαλιά” της παγκόσμιας μόδας έχει κίνηση. Read more >>>

*street forecast no 1

Design: Maria Sinanoglou

New week. New category. New post.

Get inspired by this look.

A moment. A glance. A click. A scroll down. A tag and just like that the inspiration is born.

My inspiration. Your inspiration. Our inspiration.

Fashion wise, the streets are the world and the world is overflowing with style. Unlikely, special, funny, fantastic, unreal, plain, hot, dangerous, crazy, creative, elegant, authentic.

Just a few seconds are more than enough to see it, observe it, digest it, love it and play with it.

Every trend can be reproduced in a new creative way. Originality makes the difference.

Moreover, to stand out from the crowd you need to learn from it, to look it, to feel it.

The inspiration of the day is the pleated skirt. Wear it in pop colors like fuchsia, orange or baby blue combined with a cool tight sweater, instead of a common shirt, and a pair of nude heels . Say YES to the delicate detail of the autonomous red sole, say YES to the burgundy vintage clutch bag … and, finally, say a big NO to the casual bracelets that do not flatter the wrists.

Have a stylish evening, bat girls!