*street forecast no 6

Είναι περίεργο. Συνήθως σου μιλάω για εμπνεύσεις καθημερινές, για στυλάτες εφαρμοσμένες συνταγές, για cool πλάνα που αφορούν το look σου. Γι’αυτά που θα φορέσεις ή θα αφαιρέσεις. Για το μακιγιάζ που θα τονίσεις ή θα κάνεις fade. Για τα αξεσουάρ που θα επιλέξεις ή θα κρατήσεις σαν πολυτελές φυλαχτό μόνο για βραδινές εμφανίσεις.

Σήμερα, απλά, θέλω να σου εξηγήσω πως όλα αυτά αποκτούν σημασία μόνο όταν ντυθούν με την ακαταμάχητη αύρα σου. Ω,ναι υπάρχει μαγικό υλικό στις πετυχημένες συνταγές και σε αυτήν εδώ λέγεται ενέργεια στο βλέμμα.

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Instanbul and the eyeliner

Scents, flavors, emotions, contradictions, fresh looks, incredible energy, unique neighbourhoods, lovable creative tension. I traveled to Istanbul for an express beauty trip. I was on the Bosphorus for the first time. I “tasted” the city for 48 hours hanging out with nine amazing girls (Nefeli, Vivian, Effie, Myrto, Korina, Helen, Dimitra, Dimitra (oh yes they were…two!) and Rosalie!) and tested new beauty formulas with hi tech assistance such as special machines for measuring greasiness, hydration and well being of the epidermis. Amway sent the invitation. Color, and not only that, was the special reason. Fun atmosphere and ispiring people always develop the coolest trends. So it happened. At the tales of fashion and beauty, eyes are the stars. However, as all stars, they demand a “stage”, a”role”, “rehearsals”, a “director” and “clapping”. Two brushes just for the eyebrows “comb” the eyeliner’s background on the second floor of Amway Plaza and eyeliner starts its line at the roots of the eyelashes of the upper lid. It remains very “thin” at the beginning and “thickens” afterwards from the middle of the lid to the outside till the bone at the edge of the eye. Before the eyeliner use a little amount of transparent compact powder to stabilize the color which remains in its place for at least 24 hours maintaining its vibrant natural glow. For a rock look I wear it without mascara. For a more sophisticated result I love to “play” with two blacks. The pencil + the eyeliner!

The concept is…theatrical eyeliner!

The make up tools are…Artistry make up με Artistry Automatic Eyeliner -a pencil base with many fillers- and Artistry Control Eyeliner – it’s effectively precise at the outer corners of the eyes!

Wow..me with the grunge cool Special Effect & Make up artist…Ezgi Turna.

…and the final result in two words!

Stay tuned for more beauty secrets from magical cities around the world!



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