shiny nails*!*!

If I wanted to wear the stars, so I would.
Rather, I do so now!
I only need two materials and two minutes.
I have the first, the second, I carry it off.
Then, I mix them all together to enjoy the most fresh mani trend of this winter.
Christmas mood is a must, smile is required and the funky process begins.
Two coats of black nail lacquer and my thin paint brush in hand.
I dive it in the pigment, just the tip of its nose, and I place the glitter with slightly tapping moves from the middle to the outer edge of the surface of each nail.
Suddenly, the mat becomes a glorious bright.
The classic beauty treatment becomes a cool game.
Besides, as Anna Albanis, founder of beauty lounge NYXI NYXI, tells me:”It’s just color after all. When the mood changes, so does the color!”

Keep standing out from the crowd with clever tricks!
Good Luck.

* Try the trend with all your favorite nail colors.
* Make focus on the white pigment, a.k.a MAC White Pigment, since it matches with all the hottest winter shades.
* Do not forget the valuable layer of transparent top coat for an extra shining and stabilizing boost.