Color Beach Party@Chania_the editorial

I know it’s funny but let me tell you that in the past photography caused me a kind of embarrassment! Then I decided to get to know each other. To fall in love, daily and passionately. And so it happened. I love “clicking” for the irresistible charm, the silent narrative, the imposing presence, the unconscious smile, the hidden stories, the immortality of the “now”. I love it for the magical ability to keep time still, stable and in a way “alive”.

The blogging tour of, and Sephora on board started in April the most colorful photo chronicle. And continues the most colorful adventure of fashion and beauty with Make Up For Ever snaps giving you style tips that you can count on them for ever. Enjoy a unique and totally different digital walk at Chania with waterproof eye pencil lines at the dreamy shade of blue sea, blush tones of orange, apricot, mango and peach, lipsticks with the delicious “taste” of watermelon and sweet melon, tons of mascara, make-up that “caress” the skin, ribbons who brazenly embellish hair, shorts, wrists and sandals and nail polishes plucked from the most pop palette.

The clicks are ours, the scroll down process yours …

I just want to tell you that everything was amazing!


super color cool, huh?

Sometimes the colors acquire forms. All forms require my narrative with words that take their place in a “canvas” that even without them has its own dynamics. I will not tell you much. I’ll whisper just a few particular things to get you in the enthusiastic after party mood of the first private bloggers event.

One thing is essential for style. Authenticity. And it “lives”in the spontaneous expression, the unobstructed thoughts, the creative actions. And when all are completed at every single face remains a smile of joy, and positive energy, like an elixir that makes you evolve your fashion mentality. Nothing is the same afterwards.

The color was ans still is the main inspiration. My “tools” are the vintage treasures that like “magicians” from another era transform a simple style decision to styling. The challenge is specific. Each of us will see a liberated projection of herself in the mirror. A new creative reflection of everything that has on her mind and wants to express through a creative dress code.

Everything started just like this. Two blogs, Mystyleforecast and Beautydiaries team up with the coolest color brand Make Up For Ever and Sephora to organize the 1st private bloggers event…

P.S. Before you begin your “post color party” journey  I would like to tell you to stay tuned because an exciting Color Party The Film is coming soon and before you hurry up to think “how will I be there too!” I’ll tell you a creatively adventurous Color Party The Tour will take place at the upcoming months. I can not reveal more. It ‘s a secret that soon you’ll know you too!

Fashion is fun. Beauty is fun. Annousa and Efi are having fun creating an industrial fashion and beauty luna park.

And if anybody islooking for “allies”, he will find two active fashionistas with relaxed mood and an irresistible mindset of a fashion & beauty “commando”! Eccentric chic & sophisticated Selina…

…and rock & funky Athina…Thumbs up for those girls!

As for the rest of the story I will narrate it mostly with images that hide overwhelming enthusiasm and creative courage … The stage is yours!

The new Mystyleforecast vintage pieces, like proper “storytellers”, tell their own story of living their “lives” every day from the beginning differently transforming at the same time the style of each guest.

The Make Up Darts competition is an invitation and challenge. Whoever hits an eccentric look with its little arrow, this is the one that should try.Wow!

 Feel free to get inspired by colors. Make Up For Ever

I am definitely in love with color… For Eve… since all shades “illuminate” my style!

Fashion is a universal language. A code that brings us closer. I only ask you to enjoy its magic …

…full of fashion energy and a multi-colored stylish attitude

with carefully selected headpieces that transform the theatrical instinct into a statement look

…with enthusiasm

…with flavors that “hold” the magic wand making anything obvious, exciting

…with valuable “team player” spirit

…with persistent mood despite everything dark deciding to live “colorfully” everywhere and always

Thank you … all together and each separately because I just had a great time! To be continued …