My Whiteground for Victoria Kyriakides blogger project

Creative Director/Styling: Annousa Mela, Directors/Editing: Vangelis Tolias and Giannis Pallis, Assistant Director: Paris Antonakis, Hair/Make up: George Maragoudakis

Once upon a time there was the blogosphere, the Victoria Kyriakides fashion house and its favorite bloggers.

In those four exclusively, me, Nelly Skoufatoglou, Joanna Tsigarida and Elena Pakou asked to create their own visuals for the 2013 preview bridal collection. Those immediately responded and created a custom bridal material with a new online approach of the fantastic classic history of the bridal dress.

The protagonist of my film walks through the city. She is happy.  She smiles and she definitely stands out from the crowd.  She has the fashion habit of mixing the “materials” of her closet. All those have unique flavors, colors and forms that travel in time combining yesterday’s must haves with anything new. Her style…creatively anarchic. Sensitive and expressive as the “scent” of a cool “I do”. She is not afraid. She dares. She is not exaggerating. She balances. And she enjoys playing. With her soul. With her heart. Put your jumper over your sophisticated wings. The jockey hat with your the gown skirt you love. Your severe jacket with the unique mid length creation that fascinates you. Make a collage of yourself on your dress and live that moment forever. I want to share with you my new creation, my “Stand out of the crowd” bridal filming tetralogy.

 From the left: Me with my VK London bridal blazer, Nelly with the VK Manhattan dress, Ioanna with the VK Woodstock dress and Elena with the VK Paris dress.

Backstage creative action!

My favorite vintage magician hat and other vintage items used from the mystyleforecast collection were used for the styling.

And when the film is completed, the bloggers team photo is getting ready … Come with me to an urban walk  in Monastiraki!

Remember…Fashion is fun!

Photography: Christos Arazos/ Make Up: Konstantina Michopanou/ Hair: Renos Politis

skateboarder bride

Film concept, production & styling/ Annousa Mela.
Director/ Vassilis Michail
Hair & Make Up/ Marita Thoma-Politou.

Vintage bridal dress, Creativewear. Bike style sequin gloves and chain necklace, Accessorize. Spikes necklace by Freedom collection, Topshop. Sneakers, Sublime Outlet. Skateboard, Sublime Outlet.

I don’t have a loving relationship with pink. It’s not something personal. Although I appreciate its romantic DNA and his girlie identity it’s not my kind of color context. It’s because I perceive differently the IN LOVE process. I am talking about dynamics and intensity and immediacy and countless routes and falls and spontaneity and speed and a breezy wind blowing my hair and embarrassment and endless new experiences and insights and rough scars and humor and laughter and much more. And now, at 4.43 am, this is the story I wanted to tell you. When I was a little girl and Ι read fairy tales, every time the same story seemed different. That’s exactly what happened to me with this alternative wedding concept. I always wanted to “narrate” a glamorous fashion case through the streets of Athens. I always wanted to “read ¨ the pink fairy tale differently. So, I take my “tools” and I dress up the model with the most cool vintage creation. I like the strict neckline and the classic color choice. I add three necklaces- the accessories are the “salt” for my vintage style recipes-and I replace the “happy ever after” pumps with sneakers. If you cannot support this option, wear high heels with intense color. Just a few seconds before I give Jude her skate Ι put on her wrists my beloved item. Bike gloves with matte sequins. Another contrast that I love. These are my selected rock “breaths” that allow to my bride to survive at this urban fairy tale.

My little secret
When I dress up and I look in the mirror and everything seem all right I make sure that I do something wrong. I replace the obvious with the charm of surprise. Combine your dress with rock accessories, give a new creative dimension in footwear, fix your hair in a way that the hairstyle works as a “comment” to the rest of the look and choose as your clothing base something classic. That’s what I did with this hand-embroidered off white maxi dress.

My protagonist

Jude Vazquez is from New York. She is totally afraid of cockroaches and she meets me on camera just a few days after she has landed in Athens. She is cool, she loves Paris, her motto is carpe diem, she listens fanatically to rock music and when she finds out her mini skateboard operation, she smiles condescendingly knowing how to show her skills at the streets of the historic center. Beloved item in her wardrobe is the skinny black leather pants, she cannot resist the baklava and if she had to be likened her style with a vehicle, she chooses the two-wheeled approach of a motor.