This thunder 10 ways please!

I love cities. Everywhere in the world. I like them as always everything happens quickly. Everything just magically fit. When I walk in the city I feel, think, breathe, walk, dream, smile…I’m cool. And I want you to do exactly the same with me. This time the conversation got many dimensions and I want to say to you my little thunder thoughts.

  1. Never say never. Color enemies join the same outfits and the result is simply perfect. The black and blue finally together at over 20 of the top fashion shows like Zac Posen, Proenza Schouler, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Prabal Gurung.
  2. Thanks to the cheap and chic new orientation my beloved t-shirts fit the most unlikely looks and 24/7 boost my self confidence. Yes, match them with leather skirt, suits, XL woolen cardigan, military jackets.
  3. Thanks to the social media action, the planet is two times more “closer” to you than last year. At the catwalks around the world this year were double mentions and tweets making your vanity case, mirror and wardrobe updated more than ever. I will just tell you that at New York Fashion Week were 671028 tweets culminating Victoria Beckham and Marc Jacobs for which were respectively 17173 and 8813 tweets.
  4. Style is liberated. Theatrical interventions are allowed. Elbow high gloves with opera chic references, sky high cuts at all dresses, transparencies, mix with plaid, XXL jackets and suits with prints take the reins of an ultra expressive winter season.
  5. The eshops become the “offerland” and you can find the items of your dreams in the budget of your dreams!
  6. Vintage looks and vintage make up add an elegant glow to anything old. The past makes its lifting, and “comes back” with an incredible appetite and fascination.
  7. Everyday style becomes genius thanks to applications that fit the closet in your hand (, stylecaster, touchcloset, etc.)
  8. The designer lookbooks multiply imagination. You know that I love to talk about style with video series. It’s time to reveal you that the most inspiring stories by fashion veteranons such asPrada, Dsquared, Comme des Garcons, Karl Lagerfeld, Nina Ricci, Stewart Weitzman are narrated by web short films.  The styling is dreamy and the fashion & beauty “movies” have a new unexpected magical view.
  9. Creativity takes on the sweaters. Polka dot and prints take on woolen tops and even beyond that. I love the new stylish graphic order. Even though I want to wear my “precious” military jacket, my first autumn’s project will be…knitwear.
  10.  7 out of 10 success stories in the fashion and beauty star from human perseverance and endless love in what you want to do (Gap, Inditex, Benetton). Just note a life and style advice…always  listen very carefully to your heart.

p.s. For some time I wanted to share one of the best windows in the city. Attica by Kiehl’s. Enjoy!