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IMG_6489Το Λονδίνο το λατρεύω.

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WIN WIN style!


Today is the WIN WIN day. I like SO MUCH this expression. It sounds great and it’s dative. Fashion is nice to inspire but to be sharing as well. I really love my Transparent Dream necklace. It balances the sense and the sensibility. My eccentric thoughts and my everyday style code. It stands out of the crowd without “yelling”. It is respectful but not imposing to the rest of the look. It is perfectly integrated to all the “outfit groups” of my closet and it persistently challenges me for less predictable combinations. Above, it is photographed with my favorite book from Tate Modern in London. Below, enjoy a funky snap of the “magazine’s mess” of my desk and the leopard loafers which I plan to wear today.

Come on, YOU can also imagine the ideal outfit to wear it with if your name is … Panagiota Hadjichristodoulou, Eudoxia Karagiorgou and Roula.

The THREE lucky fashionistas are already notified by an email for additional shipping information.

For YOU who continue to seek creative loots for your style  just stay tuned here. New films will be posted soon. New beloved items of my style can become yours as well.

I’ll give more details later.