Episode 29# Let’s dance!

Concept/styling: Annousa Mela_Director/editing: Vasilios Michail_Hair/Make Up: Konstantina Michopanou _Beauty tricks: Eye shadow, brush and aqua spritz Fix+, Mac.

Lights, camera, music and … lots of secrets!
In the laboratories of global fashion the new trends generate
contantly make up looks. The make up looks fall passionately in love with specific everyday looks and all of a sudden become an integral part of them.
Those everyday looks are captured by the camera and consist a legacy of non stop inspiration.
Ok, one of my favorite style obsessions/challenges/games is the use of one product in many ways.
First on my secret list is a shimmering eye shadow in a beige, sweet caramel, soft brown or a lovely pastel pink shade.
Although the dynamics of its sparkling texture may scare you at the beginning you must always keep in mind that its potentials are limitless.
Unlimited and also ideal for three every looks “built” on the favorite items of my closet.
A pop cool college jacket, a marshmallows chic office look and a funky patterned combination.
So…what are you waiting for? Turn up the blog volume and add to your beauty and fashion notes the fastest tricks of new year.
A few seconds are more than enough to stand out from the crowd unexpectedly.
Let’s press play!

Bat kisses+love



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color party Vol.2

Ok, I have not always got to manage my wardrobe just as clothes, textiles, accessories, details, looks but also as a general mood. That’s very important. It is not that easy to “put” something on.  You have to “put” on, also, the right mood. You have to be able to look in the mirror and be happy. With this goal and as a main idea of the “coaster of fashion and beauty” that we set in the heart of the city that the humor can change our fashion ID, the “alliance” of Make Up For Ever and Sephora with mystyleforecast.com and beautydiaries.gr reinforced with “tones” of creative release brought such a colorful result. I wont tell you anything else because I want to see it by yourself. There’s no secret but originality and style. As when I was a little girl reading unreal and exciting tales to “maintain” healthy and creative my imagination. Similarly, in this color party that was organized as the 1st private bloggers event the game was daring to “preserve” the daring approach in fashion and in life. Enjoy! I just wanted to say that I had a great time with all of you…

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