Run, fashionista, run

Το τρέξιμο έχει την δική του ιστορία.
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*family business

Graphic designs by Maria Kapogiannopoulou

Η ζωή θέλει χιούμορ.

Και το στυλ, επίσης.

Κι αν τα συνδυάσεις και τα δύο, έχεις απλά το ιδανικό. Read more >>>

*inside job*

Graphic designs by Maria Kapogiannopoulou

Υπάρχει η θεωρία που θέλει τα κορίτσια να είναι ροζ.
Θηλυκότητα περικυκλωμένη από “κλασικά εικονογραφημένα” κοριτσίστικα πάττερν και παστέλ χειρισμούς που νυχθημερόν επιβεβαιώνουν τον κανόνα και υπηρετούν με μαθηματική ακρίβεια την πιο ρομαντική έκφραση του εαυτού σου.
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Episode 30 #let’s do the style dance

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www.mystyle…365*^#*! is ONE FANTASTIC YEAR OLD. This is the reason, cause, occasion, thought, and, gosh, joy for a non stop yellow/black gifts party that is still…on.

This time I will reveal the little tricks of my beauty case. All the tiny rocking items that change my mood, look, act, approach and style, every morning and every night making things always different, always magical.

In the beloved chess game  of mystyleforecast, the “rival” colors are Mac. Their strategy is  secret. I ‘ll take both sides. Yellow and black. So…listen. I build my look upon color contrasts to make sure I create the thunder chic looks of this winter.

  • I put a little dose of yellow shadow to the inner corner of the eyes for extra light to my face.
  • I give a vintage touch to the final look with a medium-thick line of black eyeliner only on the outer corner of the eyes starting shortly after the middle of the upper lid.
  • For retro lashes I emphasize to the tufts in the inner corner of the eyes.
  • For a stand out of the crowd result I add a long thin line of yellow eyeliner over my classic black line.
  • I exercise my make up drawings with a yellow pencil star, heart or little thunder designed just above the cheekbones under the end of the outer corner of the eye.
  • For a soft rock effect “compass” the eyes with a round shape of my black eyeshadow. I apply it with a brush. I smudge it with my fingers.
  • I am getting dressed pop wise filling the inner contour of the eyes with a yellow pencil line.
  • Under all products I use concealer.
  • I finish all looks with a layer of black mascara.

Two lucky blogistas will win a customized yellow/black Mac set each. The first includes Pigment Colour Powder Primary Yellow, Eyeshadow Carbon, Super Slick Liquid Liner Pure Show and Chromaline Primary Yellow. The second includes Chromagraphic Pencil Primary Yellow, Pigment Colour Powder Black Black, Fluideline Blacktrack and Eyeshadow Chrome Yellow. Join the contest with like, share & comment here and tweet και retweet here!

Concept: Annousa Mela/ Designer: Maria Sinanoglou.

Whatever you do, stay true. To you, to your style to others. This is the only way to stand out of the crowd.