please, mind the bra

Ο χρόνος είναι μια σχετική έννοια.
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*inside job*

Graphic designs by Maria Kapogiannopoulou

Υπάρχει η θεωρία που θέλει τα κορίτσια να είναι ροζ.
Θηλυκότητα περικυκλωμένη από “κλασικά εικονογραφημένα” κοριτσίστικα πάττερν και παστέλ χειρισμούς που νυχθημερόν επιβεβαιώνουν τον κανόνα και υπηρετούν με μαθηματική ακρίβεια την πιο ρομαντική έκφραση του εαυτού σου.
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piece of *cup-cake

Λιοντάρι με ωροσκόπο Τοξότη και Σελήνη στην Παρθένο.

Υπερενθουσιώδης σταθερά αισιόδοξη ματιά με λατρεία στον αυτοέλεγχο και ετοιμότητα σε τυχόν επικίνδυνες αποστολές.

Άνω τελεία.
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the insider

When you are invited to an exclusive fashion show of underwear new collection you have to explore the style from the inside. Literally from the inside. The possibility to change the terms and find yourself behind the whole action is almost “required” specially when that action narrates a story of parallel lives of the lingerie looks and the every day outfit. The challenge is clear and I respond to it without second thoughts holding my camera on my hand. I’m alone and I’m backstage.

The trip to Italy, to Verona of Italy, hosted by Intimissimi is simply fascinating. Not for the eternal romantic couple of Romeo and Juliet where its homeland is, not for the vivid flavors that “daze” my gaze and my mind, not for the incredible positive energy of an international meeting, but for the imposing authenticity of the silence. Yes, the silence of the most impressive everyday lingerie options that makes me feel cool, strong, calm, sexy, prompt, responsive, comfortable, confident, elegant, energetic, simple. Yes, you understood well, the garment, any garment, the makeup, any makeup “nourishes” its charm exclusively from your move. And that move, although extroverted, starts always from within. In this “within” you have to add some more style.

I saw the new collection and I just loved it. I loved the neutral nude tones that are there without seeing them, faithful “guardian angels” of our day and night looks. I loved the capsule collection with basic material the genuine leather introducing a black fetish trend of a insurmountable sexy line. I loved the classic white that tireless symbolizes the innocence remaining the No. 1 in the taste of men. I loved the floral that extends its power to autumn’s background. I loved the bra even more methodical allied with general femininity of your chest. I loved the ladywear dresses that easily transfer their home chic look to your office or urban environment.

It’s obvious. My “inside out¨ adventure starts here somewhere.

I want you with me  at this scroll down of effortless style!

Just like the backstage atmosphere, seconds before the show begins.

Let’s go…

PLUS… A heartfelt thank you with many many many little blogging thunders flashing around to the great team of Intimissimi for the coolest hospitality ever

PLUS 2…Don’t miss the next post with my exclusive top 5 questions interview with the Intimissimi guest and socialite Olivia Palermo.