Color People_the movie

Just a few seconds ago I started writing shyly, stubbornly and methodically a new post. But eventually, I am posting a different one deviating to my first blogging plan.

Oups, that’s the way it is and in fact it does not matter at all. Something exciting, fascinating and indefinable, suddenly attracts me and changes the blogging data. Imagine a passionate teenage love at first sight that does not “negotiate” anything with you but on the contrary it puts its own abstract rules while the universe simply obeys and follows the situation silently. What happened in Chania, you know it already. If you were there, you felt the amazing vibe of the hottest Saturday of July. If you watched it from far away, you could “socially” read what was happening there. Every single detail about the colorful action that was peaked with the most playful clicks is already posted. Now, all I want from you is to relax, lay down and transform the chair in front of your computer, laptop or mobile phone, to the most stylish lounge. And then, just press play. There is plenty of color. Plenty of waterproof makeup. Plenty of positive energy of a group of rebellious, carefree, creative, and unstoppable people. I am not talking only about the action but also about the feelings and the things that do not “fit” into words -even if  I am vainly trying to condense my thoughts into adorable tongue twisters. Now, the video takes over the role of the narrator. For one more time, I am gonna tell you this tale with a one minute (and something!) film.

We created,  dressed,  painted, talked, laughed, dived, drove, photographed and we flew back here. And all of that, because style is fun. Because, the world’s most popular communication code, style, (remember… you can see my total look before you even get to know me!) is an endless game of free expression. Choose your materials to tell your own story. Choose your own way to stand out from the crowd every day. Your closet and your beauty case are waiting patiently. We, and just started this two months ago, and will continue to play the same game for many months in the post-vacation future!

Stay here and choose the next destination!

Press play again and just “paint” your thoughts simply like that!

Color Beach Party@Chania_the editorial

I know it’s funny but let me tell you that in the past photography caused me a kind of embarrassment! Then I decided to get to know each other. To fall in love, daily and passionately. And so it happened. I love “clicking” for the irresistible charm, the silent narrative, the imposing presence, the unconscious smile, the hidden stories, the immortality of the “now”. I love it for the magical ability to keep time still, stable and in a way “alive”.

The blogging tour of, and Sephora on board started in April the most colorful photo chronicle. And continues the most colorful adventure of fashion and beauty with Make Up For Ever snaps giving you style tips that you can count on them for ever. Enjoy a unique and totally different digital walk at Chania with waterproof eye pencil lines at the dreamy shade of blue sea, blush tones of orange, apricot, mango and peach, lipsticks with the delicious “taste” of watermelon and sweet melon, tons of mascara, make-up that “caress” the skin, ribbons who brazenly embellish hair, shorts, wrists and sandals and nail polishes plucked from the most pop palette.

The clicks are ours, the scroll down process yours …

I just want to tell you that everything was amazing!


happy people

This is not a party, it’s an idea. And what you will soon see by clicking on the new fashion and beauty film color party Vol 1_the movie is just the beginning.

The color spreads in every direction and happy people who communicate with lightning glances and quick chats of positive energy organize the first fashion & beauty bloggers tour to share smiles, fashion and beauty everywhere. It’s no secret … you cannot hide style! On the contrary, it runs straight on you to indicate its presence in every moment of frenzied creation and believe me, I can many of this kind of moments.

Athens, Metaxourgeio, Saturday, April 7, shortly after 3 p.m … If you were there, you know. If not, inspired by the explosion of color, passion and authentic expression, you must stay tuned for the “coming soon” actions and I promise you it’ s a lot!

Finally, when you fill up with energy from that imaginative scene that was set up differently from two bloggers, and, the Make Up for Ever and Sephora, I invite you to a sneak peak of what happened yesterday, Saturday 26 May in Thessaloniki in the multipurpose room μπορντ ντε λο. The same “gang of stye”  with a new look and luggage full of creativity and reversal mood arrives at the city with the first morning flight for a totally new approach of color, appearance, aura and look. I will not say more. The energy is pouring from the pit stops of makeup by Make Up For Ever, hairstyle by Nestor Yannakis and nail fix by The Nails in Heaven. Enjoy the most amazing group on a original grand prix of style! The fastest make over for the faster shooting ever! Finally, there is nothing that we can’t do! A big thank you to all of you for adding so much passion, so many smiles, so cool attitude and friendliness on a mission that definitely stood out from the crowd … The stage is yours. Love u all! xxxxx

Plus…I want to tell you that after that mobile version snaps, the next post includes a “storm” of photos with all the details about our Formula 2 event!

 Once again, keep creating…little things with major effect!


blogging = partying Vol.II

Το λούνα πάρκ μόδας και ομορφιάς ήταν μόνο η αρχή. Η πραγματικότητα προκαλεί την φαντασία και ορίζει την δημιουργικότητα ως Νο 1 happy treatment. Φόρα χαμόγελο και έλα να μιλήσουμε μαζί για την κοινή παγκόσμια γλώσσα, το στυλ. Κάνε add άφθονο χρώμα στη μέρα σου και με μία κίνηση κάνε την αυθεντικότητα της μόδας.  Το πρώτο Grand Prix Μόδας και Ομορφιάς είναι γεγονός και σε περιμένω εκεί….

Ξεχώρισε από το πλήθος χωρίς πολλά. Με λίγη παρέα. Και πολλές ματιές. Ευφάνταστα συνομωτικές. Μ’ αυτές θα πάμε παρακάτω…

Η ομορφιά γίνεται ακόμη πιο ενδιαφέρουσα όταν τη μοιράζεσαι. Κι είναι της μόδας να μοιράζεσαι τα πάντα με το τίποτα. Και η μέρα θέλει λίγη φαντασία. Και να που εδώ η περίσταση σηκώνει μακιγιάζ. Πολύχρωμο, πρωτότυπο και λαμπερό. Kαι η Make  Up for Ever σου κλείνει το μάτι και δίνει το σύνθημα για έναν πρωτότυπο αγώνα, που περιέχει δράση! δική σου η αντίδραση! Ποια θέλει να τρέξει με χίλια και να βγει κερδισμένη; Το πιο όμορφη και λαμπερή το’χεις!
 και Τα βάζουν με το στυλ, τη διάθεση και το κέφι. Ανεβάζουν ταχύτητα κι ανεβαίνουν Θεσσαλονίκη. Και σκαρώνουν ολοκαίνουργια σκηνικά για να σου πουν κάτι ωραίο, κάτι διαφορετικό, κάτι που θα σκορπίσει ενέργεια σ’ όλη την πόλη. Επιθυμία τους; Να ξεφύγεις από την καθημερινότητα. Επιθυμία σου; Να τις γνωρίσεις από κοντά και να τα πεις με τον ενθουσιασμό! Φίλος τους. Και δικός σου μετά απ’ αυτό!
Party day:  Σάββατο 26 Μαίου
Τόπος συνάντησης: μπορντ \\ ντε λό – Εγνατίας 45 εντός στοάς. Θα λατρέψεις!
Μαγική λέξη για να μπεις:
Φόρμουλα 2
Ώρα συνάντησης:
Από τις 3 το μεσημέρι κερνάνε κοκτέιλς
Αντέχεις μέχρι τις 7 να ασχολείσαι με ομορφιές;
Dress code:
Μαύρο ή λευκό t-shirt και διάφανη επιδερμίδα.
‘Εξτρα info για να φουλάρεις ταχύτητα: Tο χρώμα θα το προσθέσει η απίθανη Make Up For Ever με μαγικά από τους make-up artists της, τα νύχια θα τα περιποιηθούν από το Nails In Heaven με βερνίκια Sephora και τα μαλλιά σου θα αλλάξουν από το team Nestor Yannakis.
Έτοιμη για τα pit stops  του hairstyle, του manicure και του make up;
Ποια θέλει να ζήσει μια μέρα αλλιώς κι αλλιώτικη;
Εσύ, κοίτα να πράξεις ανάλογα για να ξεχωρίσεις από το πλήθος. 
-Φαντάζεσαι τι θα γίνει; 
-Όχι, δεν φαντάζεσαι.
Τα κοκτειλς ήδη ετοιμάζονται και ο ένθουσιασμός μου δεν κρύβεται…Είναι απίθανο οι πιο χρωματιστές ιδέες να γίνονται πραγματικότητα!
Σας φιλώ γλυκά

color party Vol.2

Ok, I have not always got to manage my wardrobe just as clothes, textiles, accessories, details, looks but also as a general mood. That’s very important. It is not that easy to “put” something on.  You have to “put” on, also, the right mood. You have to be able to look in the mirror and be happy. With this goal and as a main idea of the “coaster of fashion and beauty” that we set in the heart of the city that the humor can change our fashion ID, the “alliance” of Make Up For Ever and Sephora with and reinforced with “tones” of creative release brought such a colorful result. I wont tell you anything else because I want to see it by yourself. There’s no secret but originality and style. As when I was a little girl reading unreal and exciting tales to “maintain” healthy and creative my imagination. Similarly, in this color party that was organized as the 1st private bloggers event the game was daring to “preserve” the daring approach in fashion and in life. Enjoy! I just wanted to say that I had a great time with all of you…

super color cool, huh?

Sometimes the colors acquire forms. All forms require my narrative with words that take their place in a “canvas” that even without them has its own dynamics. I will not tell you much. I’ll whisper just a few particular things to get you in the enthusiastic after party mood of the first private bloggers event.

One thing is essential for style. Authenticity. And it “lives”in the spontaneous expression, the unobstructed thoughts, the creative actions. And when all are completed at every single face remains a smile of joy, and positive energy, like an elixir that makes you evolve your fashion mentality. Nothing is the same afterwards.

The color was ans still is the main inspiration. My “tools” are the vintage treasures that like “magicians” from another era transform a simple style decision to styling. The challenge is specific. Each of us will see a liberated projection of herself in the mirror. A new creative reflection of everything that has on her mind and wants to express through a creative dress code.

Everything started just like this. Two blogs, Mystyleforecast and Beautydiaries team up with the coolest color brand Make Up For Ever and Sephora to organize the 1st private bloggers event…

P.S. Before you begin your “post color party” journey  I would like to tell you to stay tuned because an exciting Color Party The Film is coming soon and before you hurry up to think “how will I be there too!” I’ll tell you a creatively adventurous Color Party The Tour will take place at the upcoming months. I can not reveal more. It ‘s a secret that soon you’ll know you too!

Fashion is fun. Beauty is fun. Annousa and Efi are having fun creating an industrial fashion and beauty luna park.

And if anybody islooking for “allies”, he will find two active fashionistas with relaxed mood and an irresistible mindset of a fashion & beauty “commando”! Eccentric chic & sophisticated Selina…

…and rock & funky Athina…Thumbs up for those girls!

As for the rest of the story I will narrate it mostly with images that hide overwhelming enthusiasm and creative courage … The stage is yours!

The new Mystyleforecast vintage pieces, like proper “storytellers”, tell their own story of living their “lives” every day from the beginning differently transforming at the same time the style of each guest.

The Make Up Darts competition is an invitation and challenge. Whoever hits an eccentric look with its little arrow, this is the one that should try.Wow!

 Feel free to get inspired by colors. Make Up For Ever

I am definitely in love with color… For Eve… since all shades “illuminate” my style!

Fashion is a universal language. A code that brings us closer. I only ask you to enjoy its magic …

…full of fashion energy and a multi-colored stylish attitude

with carefully selected headpieces that transform the theatrical instinct into a statement look

…with enthusiasm

…with flavors that “hold” the magic wand making anything obvious, exciting

…with valuable “team player” spirit

…with persistent mood despite everything dark deciding to live “colorfully” everywhere and always

Thank you … all together and each separately because I just had a great time! To be continued …