happy people

This is not a party, it’s an idea. And what you will soon see by clicking on the new fashion and beauty film color party Vol 1_the movie is just the beginning.

The color spreads in every direction and happy people who communicate with lightning glances and quick chats of positive energy organize the first fashion & beauty bloggers tour to share smiles, fashion and beauty everywhere. It’s no secret … you cannot hide style! On the contrary, it runs straight on you to indicate its presence in every moment of frenzied creation and believe me, I can many of this kind of moments.

Athens, Metaxourgeio, Saturday, April 7, shortly after 3 p.m … If you were there, you know. If not, inspired by the explosion of color, passion and authentic expression, you must stay tuned for the “coming soon” actions and I promise you it’ s a lot!

Finally, when you fill up with energy from that imaginative scene that was set up differently from two bloggers, mystyleforecast.com and beautydiaries.gr, the Make Up for Ever and Sephora, I invite you to a sneak peak of what happened yesterday, Saturday 26 May in Thessaloniki in the multipurpose room μπορντ ντε λο. The same “gang of stye”  with a new look and luggage full of creativity and reversal mood arrives at the city with the first morning flight for a totally new approach of color, appearance, aura and look. I will not say more. The energy is pouring from the pit stops of makeup by Make Up For Ever, hairstyle by Nestor Yannakis and nail fix by The Nails in Heaven. Enjoy the most amazing group on a original grand prix of style! The fastest make over for the faster shooting ever! Finally, there is nothing that we can’t do! A big thank you to all of you for adding so much passion, so many smiles, so cool attitude and friendliness on a mission that definitely stood out from the crowd … The stage is yours. Love u all! xxxxx

Plus…I want to tell you that after that mobile version snaps, the next post includes a “storm” of photos with all the details about our Formula 2 event!

 Once again, keep creating…little things with major effect!


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