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Η εποχή αυθαδιάζει.
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N’ make up N’ stars

Try your Xmas-iest look!

Embellish the make up with your beloved all time Xmas elements, a.k.a stars, “building” on a strong theatrical and creative base the final result.The steps for a cool “stand out from the crowd” look in just 150 seconds, two and a half minutes if you prefer, are way too simple.

  • Put on the skin a small amount of make-up after your moisturizing serum for an extra boost of natural glow.
  • Highlight the cheekbones using the smiling trick to put on both cheeks a liquid red color blush for a teenager blushing effect that gives an invisible magical aura in the whole face.
  • Draw with patience and a thick line the contour of the eyes with your black pencil, always with emphasis on the outer corner of the eyes. For the smoky eyes result of the photo is “responsible” the magical Korres Black Professionals Khol with a specially designed soft nose ideal for the inner eye contouring and a completely stable result.
  • Strengthen the glamorous attitude of your effort with the “catalyst” of your charm, meaning the lashes. Pass the mascara from the bottom up and from the inside out on the outer side at a time of their surface.
  • Replace the swing style of 60s with a mole over the lips area with an urban cool star sticker under the eyes in gold or silver disco ball color.

The “merry-bat-Christmas” make up is just created and the look that you are dreaming of is just a “professional eye pencil and a star sticker” away.

Good luck & love.



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B.B.L (bat_black_life)

Design: Maria Sinanoglou

It could easily be the title of a thriller.
But I don’t watch thrillers. I’m too scared because, afterwards, I reproduce unintentionally the plot in the form of dreams in my sleep!
However, I love them too much because of their vintage tension. Because of the suspense and the adrenaline that I feel even only listening the title of the movie.
This is exactly how I feel about what I am going to talk to you about.
Excitement. The feelings are too strong.
This color is popular and kind of taboo at the same time.
It is interwoven with joy and sorrow at the same time.
It is the base of the collections of almost every designer.
Talking about black is magical and strange at the same time.
Charming dark thoughts sprinkled with lots of creativity. And it’s not only that.
It’ s the responsibility of its proper use that is a priority.
This time I was not scared.  I faced my black fears straight in the eyes.
The evidence of my make up story are those beauty snaps.
I remember that it was morning when, for the first time, at the press presentation of the new black professionals collection by Korres I was sitting in another position than the usual and it was wonderful. I suddenly faced with the iconic looks of my muse, Kate Moss looks, in a one to one game with the black Korres eye pencil/ make up fetish. The script was specific. The directorial instructions clear. Look up. Look down. Look even more “down”. Under the gaze and the touches of make up director Giannis Siskos the attitude of the face changes.

The popular smoky eyes look becomes party smoky. The classic black is accessorized black. The final black chic look is a Korres fabulous blacks look! Delicious, charming, stable, simply perfect.

* Use all products of the new black make up collection in a smart “sultry eyes” way.
* Scribble with a Q tip the black eye pencil slightly fading the color.
* “Fill” with this black pencil the eye contour internally.
* Wear the long lasting volume mascara with gently side moves.
* Give a “stand out of the crowd” dimension at the final look with a star sticker on one of the cheekbones.

Bat good luck!



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Style up artist for a day!

Fairy tales always have a “they lived happily ever after” end. I really love this kind of stories but I never stopped wondering what happens before that all time classic ending. Everyday style is continuously looking for “supporters” and finally teams up with make up. It’s just incredible being able to tell a story with films and colors. That’s exactly what I did with my mini script, with my own Alice in “Urbanland”. The urban searches need urban “operations” like those with brown/gray eyeshadows, powders that diffuse glow and brightness, juicy lip glosses, magical brushes, tools that focus on detail, make-up that leaves you with the feeling that something precious, dreamy, indefinable unique is touching you for a while! What I’m trying to tell you is to treat makeup like a proper styling process, not in the closet but on your face using fave images, original inspirations and true feelings. And believe me, what you will make and “wear”, has its own language.  A special language that communicates with looks and actions, and glances and spontaneous aura, that precedes any word. See what I love and what I “paint” with it in order to stand out from the crowd without shouting loudly. I truly appreciate that, in style and in life generally.A gray veil on my nails. Dark as I want to, neutral enough to be combined with the majority of my closet.Some finishing touches to the arc of my/ her upper lid assure a magic look that cannot necessarily be explained but quietly stands out of the crowd.Yes, that’s the truth. The brushes make a difference and I love my “Bobbies”(Brown)…This nude powder exceeds my expectations. I love it for adding charm without being “loud”. Yes, I gently use my Dior Nude Glow Sun Powder Summer Collection 2012 mostly at the cheekbones.The most cool+funky pot of Mac “dresses” the lips and the eyelids, sharing generously its shiny dew with the final look.The easy to use lash curler. You cannot even imagine how much is changing the volume of the eyelashes. As for the palette of my friend and actress Alina is my beloved Chanel Les 4 Ombres.

Obsessed with hair clips. Not just now, it feels like it’s been for ever! That’s why I decided to give to my favorite H & M bow his own 15 minutes of publicity.Ok, the wings are not only for the angels but for mascaras as well. Those made my/her lashes to “fly”. OMG, The Falsies Flared, Maybelline New York rocks.Proud of my creation…And its name is Frozen Chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!This is how all the “materials” beauty coexist on the same face, on the same hand, in the same mind. Get inspired anything and “sprinkle” it with some touches of “yourself” to create something originally beautiful. Click on the film of my own Alice to be persuaded of that!xxxxxxxx. A.Last but not least a sneak peek of the up coming…style up look. Thumbs up girls!

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