paranoid lolita

Film concept, production & styling/ Annousa Mela. Director/ Vassilis Michail.

Look1. Skirt, gloves, purse, sunglasses και jewellery by creativewear collection/ Top by SOMF Aftermath collection. Look 2. Vest, gloves, purse, sunglasses και jewellery by creativewear collection/ Leggings by SOMF Aftermath collection Look 3. Shirt, gloves, purse, sunglasses και jewellery by creativewear collection/ Skirt by SOMF Aftermath collection.

Many times my emotional state sees its projection onto a look. When YOU ARE LOOKING FOR something, anything, someone, anyone, the movement of the body is given. Nervous, unspecified, repetitive, often erotic, full of energy, without second thoughts, almost the most revealing indication of your character. This full of energy action drives me to new inspirations apart from the respective frames of my mind. The IMAGINATION gives me the right of the exposure and this makes me even more creative. I dress my model with “materials” that you already have in your wardrobe by adding some unpredictable “ingredients” that you think of but you rarely dare to use them, that make the flavor of the final fashion “recipe” acceptable but MYSTERIOUSLY NEW. The controlled digital prints function as a canvas on the body creating a sophisticated style DNA that does not surprise or worse provoke with their eccentric dynamics. It’s the rest environment that takes care of it through a stylistic coolness equivalent of my meditation when I’m looking for something that usually at the end is never found.

my secret
When I want to try something that you easily would say even extreme, I always fit it in my favorite black background. The security that offers me the “darkness” of the outfit makes me feel confident for the chosen item that stands out.

my fashion movie star
The 21-year old Ilse Van Langevelt from Holland loves minted green color, envisions to make the shooting campaign for her fave label See by Chloe, notes on my notebook that her coolest fashion item is her leather oxford shoes and would love to do the television advertising for fragrance DKNY Delicious Green Apple. She hates the excess quantity of a 100% transparent, almost sticky lip gloss on her lips, adores vintage clothing and believes that every model that respect herself should certainly have a black leather bike jacket in her wardrobe. The most expensive item in her closet is a pair of boots and her favorite movie is “La Vita e Bella”. “The optimistic approach gives you strength to move forward,” she says to me explaining her film choice, just a few seconds before the first take.