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STYLE all day. Party all night.

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#backstage_outfit_3_does it right

Στο σχολείο θυμάμαι πως είχα ενθουσιαστεί τρελά όταν μόλις είχα μάθει την έννοια της χαρμολύπης.

Ναι, ήταν εκείνο το συναίσθημα που ισορροπούσε ανάμεσα σε δύο άκρα φέρνοντας σε απόλυτη αρμονία την έννοια των αντιθέτων.
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Καθόλου εύκολο να χωρέσει ένα συναίσθημα σε μια εικόνα.
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WIN WIN style!


Today is the WIN WIN day. I like SO MUCH this expression. It sounds great and it’s dative. Fashion is nice to inspire but to be sharing as well. I really love my Transparent Dream necklace. It balances the sense and the sensibility. My eccentric thoughts and my everyday style code. It stands out of the crowd without “yelling”. It is respectful but not imposing to the rest of the look. It is perfectly integrated to all the “outfit groups” of my closet and it persistently challenges me for less predictable combinations. Above, it is photographed with my favorite book from Tate Modern in London. Below, enjoy a funky snap of the “magazine’s mess” of my desk and the leopard loafers which I plan to wear today.

Come on, YOU can also imagine the ideal outfit to wear it with if your name is … Panagiota Hadjichristodoulou, Eudoxia Karagiorgou and Roula.

The THREE lucky fashionistas are already notified by an email for additional shipping information.

For YOU who continue to seek creative loots for your style  just stay tuned here. New films will be posted soon. New beloved items of my style can become yours as well.

I’ll give more details later.

go punk NOW!

Film concept, production & styling/ Annousa MelaDirector/ Vassilis Michail.

  • White top by Boy London, Urban Outfitters. Vintage leather bags by Creativewear Collection. Black leggings by Calzedonia. Vintage booties by Vintage Footwear. Hat by  Zara. Satin jumpsuit by Creativewear Collection.

Often it is difficult. Some other times is easy. This film belongs to the second case. In this story i wanted my heroine to be casual but not abstract, vulnerable but not timid, feminine but not provocative. The script takes place at the streets of Metaxourgeio where always an after dark walk is sprinkled with a little dose of mystery. The recipe has two basic components. Innocence + dynamics. When you wear something nostalgic but casual that makes you feel great and your appearance seems dynamic. That means not boring. That’s exactly what happened in the 70s with the musical movement that overthrew the data turning a decade from a mainstream period to a fascinating timeline. The punk reacts to 60s. Easy songs with wild beauty VS older songs with endless solos. And the winner is…the first “team” because of its subversive character that dictates that nothing is final and everything is constantly changing. I take a break to add this style attitude to my outfits that put the easy parts of the wardrobe … a white top, the black tights, the black booties, my black hat and my beloved shawl in a power game of new fashion roles when they coexist in the same look. Dedicated to the mentor creativewear Vivienne Westwood.

My little secrets…

  1. Everything old is new again when I give to it another form than its predecessor. Old black woolen shawl of my grandmother + white cotton scarf by H&M = improvised black & white cape.
  2. The layering (more than two garments worn together) is just cool. At my heroine’s outfit I combined a leopard print bra + full length satin jumpsuit + sleeveless tops.
  3. At my heroine’s look the bags do not emphasize but they go against femininity. In this style clip, i wanted to show you why the medium size works perfectly (not too small and inconvenient / nor very large and disproportionate to the body) and the vintage square design simply rocks.
  4. Because my Gucci/Lanvin F/W 2012 style hat dictates a cool messy hair style Idown untamed hair look I protected the smooth texture of my hair even in adverse really cold conditions with Silk Groom Serum of Kiehl’s.
  5. I am obsessed with the chocolate brown as the ultimate color and I dare to wear in a cross body bag. It gives me the complete control of the bag and has an unpredictable style attitude.

About my heroine…

Nina Onoyko came in Greece at 2001 and her favorite color is red. She wants desperately to organize a crazy trip to her beloved Miami and she claims that she is not at all affraid of fashion but on the contrary she loves the creative contact with the camera as she has its own code with it. And when the I ask her my fetish question… “If you run out of clothes to a remote island and ypu have to take with you just a piece of clothing what would that be?” She replies spontaneously and smiling “a shirt.”  The most formal piece of a wardrobe in an “out of the box” environment. Strange but interesting. A few seconds after that info I finally complete the puzzle of her style I.D. becoming aware that she adores earrings, she loves Natalia Vodianova, she is inspired by Dior shows and she has the belief that if her style was a capital of music that would be … rock ‘n’ roll.