*street forecast no 2

Design: Maria Sinanoglou

The style is a funky, endless and original game and a full of stripes look is the best way to enjoy it.

Do not be afraid to wear them all at the same time. On the contrary. The pattern of each other mix perfectly creating a harmonic outfit.

Ideally, choose vertical stripes on the lower part of the look and combine them with revealing tops. No it’s not provocative, it’s just fashion forward.

Do not worry about that. The waisted jacket is perfectly combined with the sexy bodice restoring in a few seconds the necessary elegant balance.

Forget the huge tote and welcome to your closet the mini bags. We will deal with them even more but later. Crossing your body with a fresh attitude, they give precedence to your style. Hang them on the shoulders or wear them crosswise.

And please pay attention to the hair. Create a casual look using only a highly hydrating serum and let the matte red lipstick to complete the look. You will love the sophisticated way that it will bring out your appearance from morning till night.


Smart forecasting choices …!

Whatever you’ll choose, stand out from the crowd.



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