How to do ROCK (*hell yeah)


Τις Δευτέρες τις αγαπώ.
Σηματοδοτούν νέα ξεκινήματα.

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This is hard ROCK


Η εποχή κάνει tag το πιο cool συναίσθημα και η μόδα ακολουθεί μετά μουσικής και υπερστυλ.

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work in progress #happy hair

A look is an experiment. That’s a fact. On a daily basis I study, take notes, put “post it”s on what I love, review, wonder, look for something new and eventually live with or without it. Every day is an adventure in progress. Its report is always completed at the end of the day and the next day I start from the beginning again. My yesterday’s style adventure has its narration today including inspiration from blogistas, “silent” heating tool use, a little amount of hairspray, an almost non existent makeup (fond de teint + blush = children’s skin), the enjoyment of a deep hydrating hair mask and the “petting” of my hair from the inside outwards with the fingers of both hands. My proof is just a few millimeters below. Wavy cool. Preparation time, 13 minutes. Basic requirement…strong hands for steady use of the straightener.

Respect to the man who first created a practical thermal method, a.k.a Marcel Grateau, 1872. A pair of special tongs, one with a circular cross section and the other with concave that shaped curls. Is exactly this invention that is used at the headquarters of hair coolness in Kifissia.

I will tell you all the secret tips about it. How else will you update your style notebook? Use a straightener rather than a curler. Add volume to your hair from the beginning of the wavy process blow drying hair with the head upside down. Hold each section of hair in the ¨ heating “for 30 seconds. Your flocks must be thick and not subtle. Never backcomb at the crown. Use the minimum of hairspray. Always spray from a reasonable distance.

Do you want to do the same without straightener? Easy. Before going to sleep at night separate hair in two parts and create two identical loose braids, one on the right and one on the left. At the morning solve both braids, brush lightly the hair and fix the locks with a minimum amount of a deeply moisturizing hair oil. The wavy hair is ready. As for the front tufts, anchored them to your favorite side with colored hair clips. Any questions? Please, leave your comments and “haistylish” thoughts below. Any new creations? Just send me your instam/phone/photo camera snaps to create together a new toooooooo wavy post (!

Let’s go!

p.s You can always stand out from the crowd with the most smart style moves. Let’s reinvent simplicity together. Over all, there is nothing more cool than a wildcat hairstyle!