mixologist #2

Concept/styling: Annousa Mela_Art Director: Maria Sinanoglou

Ok, style is code. It reveals everything, it precedes everything. And all I want to express apart from my closet, my mind, my notes, my mirror, my beauty case, my room, my heart, I want to show in this way, here and now. In a little bit abstract but always passionate way. Moreover, I love collages since I was a little kid. They have a styling process in their own way. They make everything seem a simple game. And this is exactly what it is. The direction is not one but many. OMG, I just thought of that. Imagine a compass of fashion. A compass of beauty. Helping you to find the orientation of the original expression. This is the basic principle of style. Authenticity. And I want to talk to you about the “guardian angels” of it. Heels are everything to me, but I prefer their creative aspect. The patterns intervene in the monochromatic choices and the sequins acquire a coolest than glam outfit role. To all the above add some exotic patterns, eyeshadows pulled out from Warhol creations, exciting juicy lip glosses, cold flavors, ethereal figures, flashy scenes and details that stand out from the crowd. See it all together and individually at the same time. That’s what I do to choose the “materials” of my style recipe. Same same but different. And if you like as on your fridge, to put on your closet magnets with images that you love because they inspire every single second, let me show you mine first. Did you saw the All Star? Did you notice … the Ray Ban Wayfarer with the vintage green lens, the cool Accessorize handbag, the vintage friendly H & M visor (yes, the cap, I mean ..), the super chic casual bun and the 2 minutes Pantene Pro v Intensive Restructuring Mask.This is how much time it needs to quench the thirst,  to protect and to revive the shine of my hair before or after the beach wherever I am, wherever I go. Roughly, this is how much time I need you too to add at all the above and to “narrate” to you my favorite vintage treasures … pop red earrings +  ab fab patterned top + absolutely feminine sunglasses + “sensitive” scarf+ clutch bag with the coolest hidden chain = L.F.E.  All by mystyleforecast.com Creativewear Summer Collection. Let me just play for a while with them- when the f of fashion stands for fun, I’m happy- , check your fave piece and I am waiting for you at the same position in 21 seconds …I have a special surprise for you!

Concept/styling: Annousa Mela_Directors/Editing: Vangelis Tolias & Vassilis Michail

mystyleforecast collage + mystyleforecast clip = Contest!

Check the same post at the mystyleforecast.com fb edition and leave your comment in a fun way filling in the phrase My favorite hairstyle is…and I wear it with.. and win 1 of 5 Intensive Restructuring 2 minutes Pantene Pro-V masks with one of my 5 favorite vintage “secrets”! If you are a twitter addict you can also participate at the contest with a tweet that mentions @mystyleforecast and also the hashtag #vintagelovesPanteneProV. Don’t you ever and for any reason forget that the most irresistibly cool hairstyles are healthy-looking and must be combined only with irresistibly cool looks! The draw will take place electronically. When? In 4 days. So on July 11 late at night I will know and early in the morning of Thursday July 12 I will tell and write you the 5 names that will enrich their fashion & beauty world.

P.S. This post is equivalent to my first on line vacation… I HAVE A REALLY GREAT TIME WITH YOU! xxxxxxxxxx

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