*street forecast no 3

Design: Maria Sinanoglou

Two weeks before the official welcome of the spring and a fashion week, which just ended today, after…I have every right to think in a white way,  to accessorize all my looks with a smile, to wear just a bb-ok and a little bit of mascara- and to post in a truly happy mood.

Do “share” the shine that comes from inside you and “dress” it with a light transparent beauty veil  on your face by replacing the foundation with a delicate texture, choosing a rebellious hairstyle and choosing a white top (so I’ve learned to love it winter and summer) as the most intimate part of the current look.

As for Marilyn…this photo inspires me as an icon and a symbol of a decade that femininity was objective and purpose. Perhaps, because of this feminity we can have an extra creative motivation every single day.


Mystyleforecast loves:

And always remember. Whatever you do, stand out of the crowd.

Have a great week.



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