#backstage_outfit_3_does it right

Στο σχολείο θυμάμαι πως είχα ενθουσιαστεί τρελά όταν μόλις είχα μάθει την έννοια της χαρμολύπης.

Ναι, ήταν εκείνο το συναίσθημα που ισορροπούσε ανάμεσα σε δύο άκρα φέρνοντας σε απόλυτη αρμονία την έννοια των αντιθέτων.
*χαρμολύπη η [xarmolípi] Ο30 : (λογοτ.) ανάμεικτο συναίσθημα χαράς και λύπης. [λόγ. < μσν. χαρμολύπη < χάρμ(α) -ο- + λύπη] Read more >>>
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ELECTRO_style/ Cardigan Love

Είναι μαγικό να δίνεις πνοή στο παλιό. #wow
Είναι συναρπαστικό να ξαναξεκινάς. #easy
Είναι πανέμορφο, η ιστορία να μην τελειώνει, αλλά να πολλαπλασιάζει τα κεφάλαια της διαρκώς. #love
Αυτό το feeling, λέγεται έμπνευση.
Τόνωσέ την. #choose #originality Read more >>>
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Episode 29# Let’s dance!

Concept/styling: Annousa Mela_Director/editing: Vasilios Michail_Hair/Make Up: Konstantina Michopanou _Beauty tricks: Eye shadow, brush and aqua spritz Fix+, Mac.

Lights, camera, music and … lots of secrets!
In the laboratories of global fashion the new trends generate
contantly make up looks. The make up looks fall passionately in love with specific everyday looks and all of a sudden become an integral part of them.
Those everyday looks are captured by the camera and consist a legacy of non stop inspiration.
Ok, one of my favorite style obsessions/challenges/games is the use of one product in many ways.
First on my secret list is a shimmering eye shadow in a beige, sweet caramel, soft brown or a lovely pastel pink shade.
Although the dynamics of its sparkling texture may scare you at the beginning you must always keep in mind that its potentials are limitless.
Unlimited and also ideal for three every looks “built” on the favorite items of my closet.
A pop cool college jacket, a marshmallows chic office look and a funky patterned combination.
So…what are you waiting for? Turn up the blog volume and add to your beauty and fashion notes the fastest tricks of new year.
A few seconds are more than enough to stand out from the crowd unexpectedly.
Let’s press play!

Bat kisses+love



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shiny nails*!*!

If I wanted to wear the stars, so I would.
Rather, I do so now!
I only need two materials and two minutes.
I have the first, the second, I carry it off.
Then, I mix them all together to enjoy the most fresh mani trend of this winter.
Christmas mood is a must, smile is required and the funky process begins.
Two coats of black nail lacquer and my thin paint brush in hand.
I dive it in the pigment, just the tip of its nose, and I place the glitter with slightly tapping moves from the middle to the outer edge of the surface of each nail.
Suddenly, the mat becomes a glorious bright.
The classic beauty treatment becomes a cool game.
Besides, as Anna Albanis, founder of beauty lounge NYXI NYXI, tells me:”It’s just color after all. When the mood changes, so does the color!”

Keep standing out from the crowd with clever tricks!
Good Luck.

* Try the trend with all your favorite nail colors.
* Make focus on the white pigment, a.k.a MAC White Pigment, since it matches with all the hottest winter shades.
* Do not forget the valuable layer of transparent top coat for an extra shining and stabilizing boost.

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Tights-ing pleasure#!

OMG, they are my secret ally. My smart “outfit”. The “roommates” of all my sandals and pumps. My beloved touch to the winter looks. My favorite styling tools (a.k.a they are responsible for the complete transformation of all outfits) and to be to the point and honest, I just love them so much. The new season’s tights are always in the second drawer of my wardrobe, at the bottom left corner, and our passionate relationship counts officially three years. It all started three winters ago when I decided that they are the details that actually make the difference.

* I love their soft translucent texture that slowly sidesteps the opaque creations.

* Yes, for a final grunge touch to my looks, I wear ripped tights. P.S. There are tights with a special formula that make the rips in a specific controlled way, suitable for some rock experimentation.

* My favorite color is black with smart details (a.k.a dots)!

* Of course, I wear them with my sandals … always opaque of burgundy.

* I could easily replace my skinny pants with thick tights wearing them 24/7 with baggy men’s t-shirts, shirts or oversized sweaters.

* I never underestimate their styling power in an outfit as they add a creative touch and a “stand out of the crowd” result.

The 1st Year Blogging Birthday yellow/black thunder contest is still on. To win and wear, just like me, two of the coolest and “easy going” designs from the new Calzedonia FW2012-2013 collection you have to follow three simple steps. Subscribe to the youtube channel, follow me on Twitter and of course like the fb page writing first of all a comment about your favorite tights underneath this post. The competition will end with a draw on Thursday 15/11 and the results will be published till midnight.

Keep mystyleforecasting and good luck!



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